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4-Slice Toasters
Sunbeam Toast Logic 4-Slice Toaster

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The Sunbeam 4-Slice Toaster is a great toaster


The Sunbeam 4-Slice Toaster is a great toaster to have around the house. The Sunbeam Toaster has a nice slim design, but large enough to toast 4 slices of bread. It has several different darkness selectors to choose from and is pretty consistent on getting it right without burning it. Each side has a slide out tray that lets you clean out the toaster and the exterior of the toaster is easy to wipe off and keep looking new. About the only real problem is that while pushing down the level one day the handle broke off and now the only way to use that side of the toaster is having to push down on a thin piece of metal. I really don't like the ideal of touching metal while handling electronical devices, but I have not been shocked so far. Overall the product is very good and I would recommend it.

Corydon, IN


It makes striped toast- not good


Ok so call me a toast snob.  I like my toast evenly brown with no light and dark stripes.  I was hoping this Sunbeam 4 slice toaster would be an investment I would be happy with.  It isn't.  I guess the heating inside the toaster is uneven because the toast comes out with stripes.  If you use the dark setting the oast will burn, not become thay crunchy dark brown that makes toast so good.  This Sunbeam toaster is just not up to par with others in it's price range.  It also seems to be very slow making toast.  I have other toasters that are quicker and give a better overall product.  I have had other Sunbeam products and have always been pleased with them but this model toaster is just not up to the usual Sunbeam standard of old.  If you are a toast snob, like me, consider carefully before buying this model from Sunbeam.  On the up side of this toaster is that it does live a long life.  It has lasted over 5 years.  I will be retiring it soon.

Marion, NY


I love it


I am very pleased with this 4 slice toaster, the quality was very good and better than I works great andv ery evenly toasts both sides of toast,It did very well with the bagels too.It cleans up very nicely too.

Penns Grove, NJ


Sunbeam Toast Logic 4-Slice Toaster

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