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Sunbeam 600 Watt Microwave Oven

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Out worked my LARGE expensive Samsung microwave.


Long story short. This was a gift from a family member about 7 years ago when I lived in my apartment. When I bought my house I bought all new appliances, so of course I kept the little sunbeam microwave in storage. That's until, my NEW Samsung Microwave gave out and I had to bring out "old faithful. One night My father in-law was over for dinner when he used the Sunbeam microwave and loved that fact that he could just turn the knob on & off. Sometimes he has problems with his vision. So now I'm looking to buy one for him, identical to mine! I'm pleased with this product. 7/10/2016 and I'm still using it!!


Rialto Ca


Def worth the money


I've had this microwave since 2003 and she lasted me 13 years (just died out last night, sadly). It was my very first microwave, started me out as a single girl and now I'm married (11 years) with two kids. Hardly have any complaints about it, honestly. Not *quite* strong enough to defrost some items, but that's just because it's not a full size/range microwave. Don't bog it down with a huge item to defrost and you won't have problems.




Will Last You


Overall this is a sturdy, long-lasting microwave. However, at the same time, you do get what you pay for. The Sunbeam 600 Watt Microwave Oven is not a top of the line or powerful microwave. So don't expect anything really great. If what you're looking for is an affordable, and long-lasting microwave, then this is a good choice for you. The microwave cooks food evenly and thoroughly, and there is enough power to cook most things that you would want to in a microwave (and that will fit, as this microwave really isn't that big). The biggest thing I did not like about this microwave is the input. It uses dials for the time input, and it isn't exactly the easiest thing, especially if you are wanting to input a specific time (especially like when you are following package directions). It also doesn't like it if you open the door before the dial has finished all the way to the end.



Don't get it. Waste if money.


Ok, so let me start of by saying I got this used. So brand new this might have been a fantastic product. It was not that old when I got it though, maybe a year or two. So, I think an appliance should last longer than that. It works ok, not great. It never was a fantastic microwave, no it's older, so it is understandable now that it is not great. I need to get a new microwave, but I do not want to spend money on a new one when this is doing its job, of not that well. I tend to use my appliances until they die. I got this microwave from my sister, so I know it could not have been that expensive, she did not have a lot of money. I was just borrowing it, but it kind of just became mine. You can not type time you want something to cook for, it's a dial feature, 4 minutes and 15 seconds is kind of impossible. However, the dial wouldn't be that big of a deterrent if it did its job. But it doesn't ding sometimes when it's done. The microwave will just stoop running, so that is kind of annoying. But the microwave will stop running at the end of the time you set. It never stops half way through, at least not yet. So it might be the dinging feature that malfunctions not the dial. I don't know what that is called. However, sometimes, not all the time, like with the dinging feature, the microwave will not turn back on after use. This only happens, randomly, when you stop the microwave before it has completed the time you had set. Like when you just open the door halfway through. When you are done mixing your food or whatever you were doing and shut the microwave door, it does not start back up all the time, even though you have say 2 minutes left. You have to reopen the door and slam it again for it to start back up. I have no idea why. I also feel like you should not be able to open the microwave door that easily in mid operation. I think radiation probably comes out. These things might be wrote off as normal wear and tare. Even though, these things have happened since i had it. But this one cannot be, the food does not cook thoroughly through. It does not get done in the time it should. The microwave does not get it hot enough. Really annoying. I have to cook it an extra minute or two just to make it not frozen anymore than the instructions say. I then have to cook it for another minute to make it hot so it is edible. It is on the highest setting, I already made sure to do that. I was told sunbeam was a good brand. I always thought they were, until recently that I heard otherwise. I was researching heated blankets and someone said not only is the brand cheap price wise but also quality wise. And in this case you get what you pay for. This product is not built to last.


York, PA


This microwave warms food fast!


I have used many microwaves in the past and most of them have burned out or eventually have stopped working. However, this microwave was available in the house. It can warm many frozen food items in less than three minutes and it is lightweight as well. It is not as heavy as some other types of microwaves and is easy to clean. This microwave has good wattage and you are able to see the food as it warms up through the screen door. Some microwaves have heavy screens or darkened ones, which makes it harder to see if the food is warmed up. With the Sunbeam microwave, this is not difficult at all. The microwave has three settings, which are warm, defrost, and hot, which determines the temperature of the food. The bottom knobs are for timing how long it should be microwaved. When finished, the microwave dings.


Detroit, MI


Very useful to preparre meals.


My Mcrowave Oven: I have a Sunbeam that I've have for several years and I use it for many things.  I use it to preheat my meals, defrost foods, and several others things I do. I've even used the Heating or Reheating Chart along with the Fresh Vegetable Chart in the manual or handbook that came with the Microwave Oven. I have never had to call for servie and take to any for repairs.  The oven is very simple to use it is not like all the others with all the complax buttons or switches. My Microwave oven is just simply has two knobs to turn one to select Defrost, Low, Medium, or Hot.  The other knob is to select the minutes or how long you wanr to heat or thaw something out. The cleaning process is very easy; all I do is take a microwavable bowl fill it with water and turn on the microwave for about 30 minutes hot and the steam loosens all the debris from the sides and then all I have to do is take a few papetowels to wipe off the sides and bottom.  While I place the rotating dish tray and place it into the dishwasher to clean.


Phoenix, AZ


Sunbeam 600 Watt Microwave is AMAZING!


The Sunbeam 600 Watt Microwave Oven is a great microwave for such a lower price than its counterparts. It comes in black or white which is great and can fit in most kitchens. Its small and easy to use and clean. I have had this microwave for over than 4 years and I have never had a problem with it. It sits next to the same brand toaster in my kitchen. The Sunbeam microwave is not very big but sizeable so I have plenty of room on my counters. There are two knobs on the microwave. One is to determine if you want high or low heat or defrost and the other is like a timer in minutes. The defrost works great on meats and even frozen breads. It also doesnt take long to warm food in the microwave. This is a great buy for any one who wants a great size microwave. It's great for dorms.


Newnan, GA


Great, except for the dials


This is a pretty strong microwave. I love that it has lasted me so many years. The one thing that I have a problem with is the dials. They need to be cranked past the time you need to microwave it for, in order to be timed properly. So, let's say you need to microwave something for 30 seconds. I recommend cranking the dial to 60 seconds, then turn it back to 30 seconds. After that, everything works fine. It's a low-watt microwave but I've gotten used to the settings.


Fresno, CA


Sunbeam Microwave: Best of all possible worlds.


I needed something compact but not necessarily puny for my dorm room, and this looked like it fit the bill. Luckily, it has surpassed expectations on all accounts. Not only is it powerful enough (more powerful than the one in our shared kitchen), to quickly make anything, including the proverbial ramen, it is also, as previously mentioned, relatively small. The construction is solid, it actually fell once and remained undamaged and still functional. Maybe my only complaint would be that the controls are sometimes not as intuitive as I would want. This mostly was an issue for setting the time when I first installed it, since then it hasn't really mattered. It even works relatively quietly, at least compared to most microwaves I have experience with. Basically, I would recommend it strongly to anyone who is in a similar position where they don't want to spend a ton of money, and want a reliable and surprisingly robust microwave for a reasonable price.


Chicago, IL


Sunbeam Microwave good for a simple microwave


The **Sunbeam 600 Watt Microwave Oven **is a very simple microwave. There is nothing fancy about it. No clock to worry about setting, no preset buttons. There are only two knobs-- one for tempurature setting**, **ranging from low to high, and one knob for the time setting. My husband got this microwave when he moved out on his own, so has had it for over six years now. It has held up to the use that we have given it. It does really well heating up food. We use the lower (defrost) setting quite often, too, and it defrosts just great. The time knob has advantages and disadvantages. It is harder to get an exact time set, but the knob makes it really easy to quickly turn the microwave on-- just crank the knob, and its good to go. If you want a microwave with a clock, a digital timer, preset time buttons, or being able to set specific cook times, this microwave is not for you. If you want just a simple microwave that is easy to use and heats up your food, this is the way to go. Especially since it is quite cheap!****


Richmond, VA


Sunbeam 600 Watt Microwave Oven

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