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Sunbeam 4-Slice Toaster 6278

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Decent Toaster for the Price


Sunbeam 4 slice toaster is a very affordable toaster, but unfortunately it is not the most reliable appliance in the world. It gets the job done, toasts your toast, but not completely evenly. Burns bread or bagels pretty easily. The toaster is also pretty difficult to clean, crumbs get stuck at the bottom and when burnt smell up the toaster pretty royally. Bottom line, it works, and for the price, it is a decent product. Toasting Evenness It does not toast evenly consistently. Occasionally it will toast a piece of bread perfectly, but it is a rare occasion. I still use it however. It gets the job done, however. Safety Not the most safe appliance, because when crumbs inevitably fall to the bottom of the toaster, they immediately burn - sometimes causing little embers to spark up. Not a true hazard unless you never ever clean it. Ease of Cleaning Hard to clean, unfortunately! Durability One of the redeeming qualities about this toaster is that it does indeed last. Design I like the sleek white design. It matches just about any kitchen.




Sunbeam ... you'll have better luck toasting bread with the sun.


I never thought I would encounter a bad toaster. It just seems impossible to mess up making toast, but the Sunbeam 4-Slice Toaster has accomplished this impossible feat. I have never seen bread toasted so unevenly. The center of the bread is toasted on one side and the rest of the bread is not toasted. The other side of the bread is burned along the edges and white in the middle. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. Apparently this toaster is supposed to light up on both sides when it's in use, but that doesn't happen. It only lights up on one side and for some odd reason it doesn't toast on the side with the light. If you want somewhat even toast you have to manually rotate the toast during the toasting process, which defeats the purpose of having a toaster. I would not recommend the Sunbeam 4-Slice Toaster to anyone even if it's free. I would suggest to do some research, save your money, and buy a quality toaster.


Westchester, IL


The Sunbeam 4-slice Toaster might be big, but it is reliable.


My husband and I were tired of our two slice toasters dying on us, and the amount of time it took to cook toast for a family of 5. So we invested in a Sunbeam 4 slice toaster that was not all that expensive so that we could cook more toast and replace it in maybe two years instead of 1. Good news!!! The toaster is going on 4 years strong. We have 4 kids now, and it has even lasted through my husband. (He butters the bread and then puts it in the toaster, sometimes causing the fire alarm, to go off.) Bottom line, great toaster, good value, would recommend. I love the bagel cooking cycle, no more burned bagels, unless the kids are cooking. I like the fact that the kids can use it without me worrying that they will burn themselves. The kids are very well protected with the plastic shell encasing the toaster. Toasting Evenness Love the bagel button


Escondido, CA


A really average cheap toaster


I bought these when I needed to replace a broken-down toaster. It was cheap and on sale at the time when I bought it. It serves it's purpose no matter if you're wanting toast, heated-up pastries or hash browns for breakfast. But over time as you use it, you will start to notice some things with it. One is that the settings for the heating coil will eventually go haywire. Eventually they will wear down and you'll have toast that is burnt on one side and barely heated on the other. Another is that the springs wear down too quickly. There are times where it can take three or four times before you can get the toast to stay down. It can also cause the toast to pop up back up before it's actually supposed to be done. The machine has some really cheap parts, so expect it to wear down very quickly. If you're looking for a cheap toaster for the time being, pick it up. But if you're looking for one that will last for more than a year, it's best to look at other brands.


Dayton, OH


just an average toaster


I recently got a bread machine for Christmas and since it would be a nice idea to have toasted fresh bread I also received a toaster.  For the past several years I have just been using the oven to heat up some bread to toaster consistency so this was a true upgrade.  And the last toaster I had burned toast on a regular basis and really wasn't very good.  So I had high hopes for this little toaster.  The fact that it has a bagel button scored some points with me and the fact that the slots are wider was also a good thing so you can put in bigger slices of homemade bread.  But the slots do not go very deeply so I have now had to cut my homemade bread in half on a pretty regular basis which is not very convenient like I hoped it would be.  Also, the toast does not seem to pop up with this toaster like I have had with other toasters in the past which is also a bit inconvenient.  But if you are looking for an average toaster this is the one.


Manassas, VA


Good toaster for the cost


I have owned this toaster for several years and it keeps on going.  I decided to buy a 4 slice toaster since we have a family of four and it has been very nice.  It works good to make toast, toaster pastries, hash browns and works well for bagels.  It has it's own bagel setting to use when heating bagels.  One really nice feature of this toaster is that it has two pull out trays on the bottom so you can clean out the crumbs.  I know with previous toasters I have had to turn them upside down and shake them to get the crumbs out so I loooooove this feature.  The only complaint that I would have is that it is somewhat big in size.  It is very rounded and seems to take up more space than if it would have been more squared.  It would be easier to store if it wasn't so rounded but it works good and I don't plan to purchase another toaster until this one goes out.  Overall, I would definitely recommend this toaster to for a family as long as space isn't an option.


Corydon, IN


Good toaster


We've had this toaster for a few years and haven't had any problems with it.  We use it a moderate amount and don't have any complaints about it.  I like the fact that it will hold larger slices of bread is a nice feature.  It's a pretty typical toaster, so there isn't a whole lot to say about it.  It toasts the bread evenly and with a family of four, having four toaster slots available really speeds up the breakfast preparation process.  Also, if my husband is only having toast, sometimes he will use three of the four toaster slots for bread, which speeds up his early morning breakfast making routine. I don't know what the expected life expectancy of a toaster is, but this one has lasted quite awhile and appears to be of high quality.  I haven't had any problems with Sunbeam products in general, so I wouldn't expect to have any problems with this particular toaster either.  There are adjustable settings for the degree of darkness you want for you bread, just like all traditional toasters.


Bellingham, WA


Nice For The Price


I purchased the white model #6277, but the basics are the same as the one above. The four slices are a nice feature, and it has dual controls so you can toast two pieces at a time and the other side doesn't heat.  It has a button for stopping the toasting process early, and self adjusting bread holders.  I find this a real plus, as I can toast something thin, like raisin bread, and it doesn't fall over.  When doing bagels, there is a button you push so that it toasts only on one side of the bagel. I have been pleased with this toaster.  It was a good value for the money.  I only needed a basic product, so this was perfect.


Canaan, NH


Sunbeam toaster is a good value for the price, but not perfect


My Sunbeam toaster is fine. It toasts mostly evenly, though one side gets darker than the other, and make sure to turn down the dial when you put in a bagel or it will get burnt. Overall though, it's just fine for a cheap toaster and I can't really expect more.


Farmington, MI


Looks nice,but keep the receipt.


 I just through mine away.First it seems like it never toasted the same every time.Second it just quit working on one side.I didn't have the receipt so I through it out.Next time I'll try a different brand.I loved the slots for bagels and it was a good looking toaster.I just think an appliance should last longer than a couple of months.


New Castle, VA


Sunbeam 4-Slice Toaster 6278

3.5 11