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Summit Brands
Summit Brands Disposer Care

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Great for a good, thorough cleaning.


Before moving into our current home over 3 years ago, I had never owned a garbage disposal. So although I had "heard" of how to clean one, I had no real experience with it.  So when we bought a home with one included I started searching for how to keep ours clean, fresh smelling, and functional. Because I am a frugal person, my first inclination is to use the good old baking soda and vinegar with some ice to clean the disposal. That in itself is a great preventative maintenance way to keep a disposal clean and fresh. If you need the additional help, you can always toss a lemon in to make it citrus-smelling. However, there has been occassions when a tougher combatent is needed and this product really does the trick. The foaming action assures that every square inch of the disposal is being saturated with cleaner and the "Whoosh" sound is a clean indication that the process is complete (so it doesn't leave you wondering). I do not like, though, the amount of water needed to complete the cleaning process. It doesn't seem very budget or green conscious. Overall, great product--but only when you need a deep cleaning.  I wouldn't use it as a regular cleaning method.

Savannah, GA


Clean dirt, grime, and food from your garbage disposal with ease


How'd you like to clean your garbage disposal in right about 5 minutes?  I know I do.  No scrubbing, digging, disassembly, reassembly required.  Each ***Disposer Care* Garbage Disposal cleaning package** contains 4 packets that you just drop into the garbage disposal, run it, and rinse.  You get total garbage disposal cleaning power without even opening the packets. The instructions are really simple and takes just minutes.  Here are the steps: 1. Run strong stream of hot water into the sink for 1 minute, then slow the water to a trickle. 2. Insert ***Disposer Care*** packet into garbage disposal and turn on. 3. Cleaning is complete when foam disappears (in about 3-4 minutes) There were a few times after turning the disposal on that I was concerned.  The grinding and vibrations were pretty loud, but I later realized that sound came from the pots, pans, and dishes on the other side of the sink.  I recommend using ***Disposer Care*** with an empty sink.

Dayton, OH


Foam until it Whooshes for a Lemony Fresh Disposal


From the makers of Super Iron Out, **Summit Brands** now brings us the newest, easiest way to keep our disposals clean and fresh.  Use their **Disposer Care** weekly to foam away grunge and debris from your entire disposal and drain.  It is so easy to use.  Just turn on the water and get it nice and hot.  Without turning on the disposal let it run for a minute or two and then reduce the water flow to a slow trickle.  Insert the unopened packet and turn on the disposer.  As the packet dissolves a blue foam will fill the disposal and if you have a double sink the foam may creep into the side sink as well.  This is normal.  Do not panic.  Allow the unit to run for 2 to 3 minutes until you can't see the blue foam any longer and a kind of whooshing sound is heard.Your disposal is now clean and smelling lemony fresh.  No mess.  No clean up.  Easy as one, two, three.  The best part is this product is completely safe to use in all pipes as well as septic systems because it is biodegradable and non corrosive.  AVAILABLE SIZES: 4.9 oz. and 7.35 oz.

Northern, FL


Summit Brands Disposer Care

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