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Summer Rite
Summer Rite iFan with Lanyard

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The iPod blows music, the iFan blows air. One is really corny.


***Quick View:*** Whenever my husband leaves the house, I yell to him to buy me a gift. I usually end up disappointed, but it's worth a shot. The other night, my son and husband were going to the store and I yelled the mantra. This time I got a gift, hand picked by my 17 year old son. The **Summer Rite iFan. **A bright orange personal fan that looks like a big ole iPod on a lanyard. OK then. It's cute but, as for cooling, it's very average at best. I would NEVER venture out of the house wearing the thing but it's OK inside when I am working out and really hot ... or something.***About Summer Rite iFan with Lanyard***This personal fan is five inches tall by just about three inches wide. It's around one half inch thick. It is very orange. It has a simulated round touch wheel on the front - only the little middle button works. It turns the fan on or off. In front is an open grid where the little blades spin. The air comes up out of the top. On the back is a stand up clip (think: picture frame) that you can use to stand the **iFan **up. it slants enough to face toward you, not straight up in the air.There is an attached white lanyard that you put around your neck and you proceed to "wear" the **iFan **like an iPod. Except it's about three or four times the size of an iPod and heavier by more than that. It also makes a racket. As for cooling, it does produce air that cools the face and neck. If I were outside on a warm day, this little fan would be a nice way to cool off a little bit. I did try to workout with the thing around my neck but that just didn't work. It was slamming against me and swaying all over. It's a novelty. Cute for kids or for people who want a little bit of cooling but it is by no means a true fan in the sense of the word that it actually circulates a lot of air to cool your surroundings.Nonetheless, it was a cute gesture by my son and I actually am using it now as I type this. It takes 3 AA batteries and it is cooling me off pretty well as I sit here. It's smoldering in the house. We went from freezing to well over 90 degrees with high humidity in two days so we weren't prepared just yet for the heat. The **iFan **is cute. Novel. And it is somewhat cooling. But really, would YOU walk around with a big orange pretend iPod around your neck that squealed as it worked? Ehhh. I've seen crazier stuff here in New York when the weather goes crazy. But I won't wear it outside except to bring it into my yard. It was only around six bucks so it wasn't a big expenditure. Plus it was handpicked for me by my son. How can I dis the thing TOO badly?**My Viewpoint**There are a couple of other brands of iFans. One works with water. This is not that one. This runs on batteries and is all plastic. It's pretty heavy and bulky. It does produce some personal air for you. I challenge you to wear it out though. Haha! **3 stars.** It's cute and works. But it's really corny.

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Summer Rite iFan with Lanyard

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