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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor

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It doesn't work!


Our monitor worked great for about 4 months, and we used it very rarely. After this time period, when we turned it on, it had a message that said, "Out of Range." Even when we are in the same room with the camera, we still get this message, which means the monitor itself is broken. We have tried calling the company several times, no one picks up. Sound/Video Clarity For the first few months we had the monitor, and it worked, the sound and video were clear. I was very happy with the sound and video clarity, when the monitor was in good working order. Interference There was background noise with the monitor, but it did not interfere with the clarity of the sound of the baby making noises. Durability The monitor was not durable at all. It never dropped or sustained damage of any kind... it just stopped working one day, out of the blue. With a message that read, "Out of Range" I believe the monitor was not durable and was not made to last. Portability This was a very portable product, while it worked. I could take it across the house, and it was always in range. It was very easy to connect and move around (not complicated at all). It was self explanatory and therefore, could easily be set up anywhere you wanted to put it.




Great monitor but misleading


We got this monitor because the box it came in advertised it was "full color and had night vision" so we assumed that also meant full color at night. This was not the case and we were disappointed in this. The main reason for us wanting the full color was to see if he was breathing (new parents when we bought this). Sound/Video Clarity Sounds is great and clear! Video is a little disappointing, not at clear as I would like. Interference I ve never had an issue with it not picking up a signal... unless my little one unplugged it from his room. Durability My 2 year old has put this monitor through the ultimate test. He has done everything from pulling the camera off the wall to stomping on it! And it still works 2 years after we bought it! Portability The camera gives the option of battery operated, but it honestly just eats them. The monitor to carry around is about the same size as a phone, so pretty easy. I ve had a few issues with the buttons on the monitor not working correctly/first time, but it has seen better days.




I love this monitor!


This monitor was easy to set up. It works great in my house where the rooms are all spread way out. I have two camera's set up with my system, it scans back and forth between the two rooms which is an awesome feature if you have more than 1 child who you still need a baby monitor for. It is a great picture, the touch screen is easy to use, the volume settings are great. It has a screen saver mode which is nice so it's not bright in your own room when you are trying to sleep. It also has the jumping lights on the side if you turn the sound down completely but still want to "see" the noise level. I have recommended this monitor to several friends and will continue to do it! So worth every penny I spent.




The BabyTouch Baby Monitor Has So Many Options!


I recieved this baby monitor as a gift for christmas, when my son was 7 months old. We immediately installed it, and placed the video camera across the room on a shelf. Our crib's rail folds down, so there's a solid piece of wood horizontally across the bars, so this kind of hinders how well we can see him over the monitor, but other than that its working perfectly. It also comes with hardware to mount the camera above the crib, if you want. if you want to do this there's a battery pack you can put on so you don't have to plug into the wall. I believe it takes AA batteries. Features include a talk back feature, zoom in and out, pan up, down, right and left. The video quality isn't great, but its excellent for its purpose. The monitor you carry around to look at the picture with doesn't hold a charge very long- i have my other audio monitor in there so I don't have it on all the time, just occassionally turn it on to check on him. Overall I love this monitor!!


Erie, PA


Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor

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