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Summer Infant
Summer Infant All-in-One Potty Seat & Step Stool

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Its okay, but it needs a bigger hole


I don't know if its just my children who have large tooshies, but when they use/used this potty seat "stuff" would get sort of everywhere.  We now have 2 potty trained so there are times when the older on is on the big potty and the little one is forced to use this potty and it is manageable.  I LOVE the fact that you can use it to stand on (kids).  We use it for handwashing, toothbrushing etc...even my 4 yr old will stand on it to clean the sink for me!  Double bonus!  It is easy to clean on the inside. The top of the lid (that shows when it is closed) is a bit hard to clean.   I have to use baking soda to get stuff out of the "pores."  It moves around easily too, which is nice for my 3 year old as he uses it to turn off the light.  I guess if I have a daughter someday and she uses it it might be easier for her to use since she would be less likely to spray everywhere.  Maybe??  Just make sure you clean up the inside messes right away as it can get nasty quickly if forgotten.


Normal, IL


Summer Infant All-in-One Potty Seat & Step Stool

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