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Allergy Nasal Spray
Sudafed OM Sinus Congestion Moisturizing Nasal Spray

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Sudafed OM Sinus Congestion Nasal Spray was a Godsend


There has been a ghastly cold going around lately, and it hit my boyfriend on Sunday night.  He doesn't get sick very often, and when he does it is usually pretty mild.  This cold knocked him down completely.  He was miserable - unable to sleep, too uncomfortable to eat or to do anything else, really. Sinus presure was the primary complaint.  I picked up the Sudafed OM Sinus Congestion Moisturizing Nasal Spray, along with a few other medications hoping something would help him.  Neither of us had ever used a nasal spray before, so were both somewhat skeptical, but desperate.  This stuff was amazing.  Immediately after he used it, his sinuses cleared up and the pressure subsided. He still isn't 100%, but he's significantly more comfortable, and is able to sleep and eat again.  I'm keeping this in our medicine cabinet from now on, and recommending it to everyone I know since, as I said, this cold is taking a lot of folks out. 


Seattle, WA


Sudafed OM Nasal Spray scares away allergies!!!


I have severe allergies and have used quite a handful of different nasal sprays but I have to admit that Sudafed sinus congestion nasal spray has to be my favorite. I was at the drugstore,one day, and needed to buy some nasal spray and I saw a promotion to this new product that Sudafed had made.  I decided to give it a try since I use it everyday before I go to bed in order to get some sleep.  I don't have to wait for it to work like other nasal sprays I have tried.  It does its job in minutes.  What I like the most is that I don't have to re-apply during the night.  It continues to work for me all night long.  My nose doens't feel stiff or dry at all.  The best part is that my husband doesn't complain anymore.  Believe or not, when I use other brands and he would give me a good night kiss he would tell me how bad the nasal spray would smell.  Now that I use Sudafed he hasn't complained at all. I am very glad I decided to give this new product a try.  Now this is a must have in my opinion.  I would recommend this product.


Edinburg, TX


Sudafed OM Sinus Congestion Moisturizing Nasal Spray

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