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Suave Exhale Calming Body Lotion in Lavender Vanilla Scent

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Smells Great, Not A Fave Though


The smell along is enough to purchase this. It smells as good as B&BW, if not better. It does moisturize, but it doesn't last very long. I applied it at night and I had to reapply when I got up.

Long Island, NY


Suave's Interpretation of Lavendar Vanilla rivals other brands


I have to be completely honest and say that I only tried Suave's Exhale Body Lotion in Lavendar Vanila because 1. I had a coupon and 2. There was an awesome sale...in other words, I got this product for nearly nothing. Also, to be completely honest again, I did not expect much out of a product that was so cheap. I could not have been more wrong! I was very pleasantly surpised at the fragrance and how it rivaled the interpretations of the Lavindar Vanilla that other more expensive bath/body brands produce. The fragrance has some definite staying power too! Also, the product moisturized my skin pretty well and did not break out my sensitive skin. I love to use this product at nightime because the scent seems to do its job at calmimg me very well before bedtime. My only complaint, however, is that the product is a tad watery and not as creamy as I would have liked and that's why I gave it four stars instead of five, but overall, it is a great product for the price.  I will continue to recommend this product to everyone I know.

Newport, KY


Suave Body Lotion: Not the best moisturizer but a nice scent.


I already have some moisturizer and scented lotion favorites but some Suave shampoos have surprised me. So when I saw some interesting scents and some low, low prices, I invested in a couple of bottles of **Suave Body Lotion** including **Exhale Calming Body Lotion in a Lavender** Vanilla scent. Suave Exhale Lavendar Vanilla comes in a pretty purple bottle with an easy to use pump dispenser.  **But what about the body lotion?** The body lotion was of an average quality by my standards.  It wasn't watery, but not as thick and rich as I'd like for all day moisturizing.  My skin absorbed it well and felt nice and soft but sure enough, it didn't keep my skin soft and moisturized all day.  I wanted to reapply after a few hours. I'll use this Suave body lotion for arm and leg touch ups in the later part of the day but it won't be my morning body lotion because it just doesn't put in a full day's work. The scent of Suave Exhale Lavender Vanilla is worthy.  **The scent is really the best thing about this lotion.  ** ***My Viewpoint:***  Suave Exhale has an above average scent in a very average lotion. 

Big Island, VA


Suave Exhale Calming Body lotion smells wonderful


I have used Suave Exhale Calming Body lotion in lavender vanilla scent recently and I have to admit it was wonderful - so wonderful in fact that my 16 year old daughter "took" mine and I have to buy another one.  I find the smell relaxing not over powering or over welming but southing and enjoyable.  The hint of lavender makes a wonderful scent to my body and I enjoy feeling feminine and sexy. I would totally buy this product again.

Groveland, FL




"When you've got a good coupon, try someting new" is my philosophy.  Suave hands out coupons right and left, so we try a lot of their reasonably-priced products.  In their line, this Calming Exhale Body Lotion in Lavender Vanilla Scent is outstanding.  It moisturizes well immediately and clings on for hours.   In our MInnesota winters, this is what we're really looking for :  one that sticks with the job and doesn't just absorb and disappear.  Not that it's greasy, because it isn't, but when I touch my hands together I feel that they are not dry, dry, dry, but lubricated.  The pump is convenient and the scent is mild and pleasant. The size of the bottle is appropriate for our 6-person household - we got a 22.5 ounce bonus bottle.  We will definitely be buying this again, coupon or no coupon.

Sleepy Eye, MN


This did not moisturize


I bought this lotion because it was inexpensive. However it did not really moisturize my skin at all. it felt like water downed lotion. However I did like the smell.I dont recommend this to anyone who is looking to cure dry skin. If the lotion was being just used for its sent I guess it would serve a purpose.

Mount Pleasant, MI


Suave Exhale Calming Body Lotion in Lavender Vanilla Scent

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