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Stor It
Stor It Cover-Ups (Variety Pack)

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These are a blast from the past!! In the early 60's you bought these type of 'shower caps' to cover your bowl/dish to take to the picnik or buffet. You washed the cap well and reused them once or twice. These come in several sizes and will cover a lot of bowl sizes. When you have a large bowl, use a new, unused shower cap from the motel. I cover my mixing bowls, storage bowls anything that I do not want hair or lint in. These are great!

Spokane, WA


they got way too cheap


They used to be organized by color with a corresponding size. Now they all come clear making impossible to find the size you want without removing half of the box. They have also cheapened the product so that the elastic frequently rips away from the wrap. It's sad to see a product that I once found it difficult to go without, to looking for anything else to use.



Stor It Cover-Ups (Variety Pack)

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