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St. Ives
St. Ives Fresh Skin Moisturizing Olive Scrub

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best scrub brand .. only around less than 5 where im from , its so inexpensive




Gentle face scrub with a great scent


The Bottom Line: St. Ives Fresh Skin Moisturizing Olive Scrub is a gentle face scrub that exfoliates while moisturizing, and will give your skin a beautiful "fresh skin" glow. Hard to find in stores, but if you do, stock up on it, you will probably love it too! Effectiveness This scrub is fantastic because it exfoliates but very gently so that it never feels like sand paper on your skin. The formula contains Olive oil and olive-leaf extract, which help moisturize as well as jojoba esters, which exfoliates. Ease of Application The texture is quite creamy and has a light green color and you do not need a whole lot of product to cover your entire face and neck. I use at most a quarter-sized amount. It spreads very easily and is very pleasant to use because it really feels like a facial massage with the scrubbing beads. One word of caution though, make sure you never get the product into your eyes, or you will really regret it! That stuff burns like crazy when it gets into your eyes, so be very careful and avoid the eye area if you can. Scent I love the scent, which smells botanical and very clean, and even though it does have olive oil in its formula, you probably would not be able to tell.




Made the texture of my skin feel really soft


I don't normally use St. Ives scrubs but in this case I had to because this is all my mom had at her house and my face felt dirty. I ended up liking it and I bought my own just to have. I don't use it very frequently, I use it at least once a week. When I do end up using this scrub my skin feels really clean after. I always get great results when I use this St. Ives olive oil scrub. It has a thick and rough texture but its not harsh at all to my face. Its actually very gentle to my face and it makes my face feel really soft. It gently cleanses all the dead skin cells away and it removes all of my makeup. I got a little in my eye and it burned a little so I always make sure I don't apply this scrub on my eyelids. It has a great smell that's very gentle and not irritating. It unclogged a lot of my pores and it made some of my blackheads go away. I really like how this scrub is very delicate to my face it always leaves my skin feeling moisturized. I would definitely buy this scrub again it was affordable and it made my face feel really replenished and smooth. I recommend this to anybody who wants a good exfoliation done to there face.




Finally! St. Ives' Olive Scrub is exactly what my skin needs.


I have always been a fan of St. Ives. As a teenager I used their apricot scrub religiously until it became too harsh for my sensitive skin. In my adult years I have become more aware of products that aren't environmentally conscious and so I skipped over St. Ives for quite some time until recently. I noticed that some of their new products suggested that their were not tested on animals or contained animal ingredients. So when my grandmother gave me a tube of their new Olive Scrub I was excited to try it. I had been using regular olive oil for my dry skin as well as sugar and other scrubs to try and tame my frustrating skin issues. The first time I used the Olive Scrub I loved it. Not only did it smell great, but it didn't leave my skin any drier than it already was. The small beads gently exfoliated the dry skin while the olive oil in the scrub moisturized. And actually moisturized! I didn't have to slather lotion on my face afterwards. I have been using it twice a day for the past three days, and I am still getting great results. Though I have noticed that my skin is feeling a little over exfoliated so I am cutting it down to just once a day. Which according to the package this formula is safe for daily use. I am really pleased with this product, and I hope to invest in more St. Ives just as soon as I can. I think this is a great product for those looking for quality skin care products while on a budget and interested in keeping our environment a safer place.


Bastrop, TX


St. Ives Elements Olive Scrub - excellent product!


Ok I have to admit that seeing an olive based skin product made me leery of it - olive makes me think of oil, right? But St. Ives Elements Olive Scrub works great. I have combination skin, mostly oily, and this product leaves my skin clean and soft - and not at all oily. Color me surprised! I really like it. I have used St. Ives products since I was a teenager - actually I think I used their apricot scrub up until my mid-twenties. Anyway, I've always liked St. Ives, it's a reliable brand and the prices are great. The new "Elements" line is pretty nice, a little more upscale than the apricot scrub. The bottles are a little on the small side, though. But reasonably priced, and I like the fact that the manufacturer occasionally puts out coupons in the Sunday newspaper. If you collect several of the coupons (ask your neighbors) and wait for a sale, you can get a great deal on it. I definitely recommend St. Ives Elements Olive Scrub. Thumbs up!


San Jose, CA


St. Ives Olive scrub is great for combo skin!


I have combo skin.  I can be majorly oily in one spot and flaky dry in another.  It is hard to find products that help you deal with both.  This scrub helps remove my flaky spots, while drying out my oily spots, and still leaving my skin soft a smooth.   It is the prefect product for anyone who gets breakouts from using other scrubs and products that are oily.  This is a great product that should be in everyone;s reigmen.


Iliff, CO


St. Ives Olive Scrub All Natural Softness


I was attracted to this product because it has olive oil.  I have read about how good and natural olive oil is for your face as a moisturizer so it was a great find for me.  I have comination skin, but lean towards dry in winter.  I have never been able to use a "scrub" product in winter before until finding St. Ives Olive Scrub.  It exfoliates without drying my skin.  It gives my tired looking winter skin a glow.  I think it prepares my skin for the moisturizer I use.  I think it does a great job of cleaning my skin without being harsh in any way.  It is very easy to rinse off also and that's a great plus with a face scrub.  St. Ives has quality products with great prices and the Olive Scrub has turned out to be my all time favorite.  With St. Ives Olive scrub I feel as if I am doing something good for my skin and protecting it from becoming overly dry.  I also like the fact that St. Ives has not tested this product on animals.  


Marion, NY


St. Ives Fresh Skin Moisturizing Olive Scrub

4.9 7