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Spy Net
Spy Net Stealth Video Glasses

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I would buy it again


After receiving a new Apple iPhone as a birthday gift, one of my top priorities was finding a case to safely hold and protect my new prized possession. I was looking for something sleek and professional, and not finding anything at my local Apple store that fit the bill, I decided to look online. I ended up buying a **Marware QuickVue** hard case from *everythingiphone.com* and waited impatiently for two weeks because the product was new and wasn't in stock yet.**About the Marware QuickVue Case**The QuickVue case is a hard case that has a rubberized finish, a belt clip holster and a snap open clasp on top. The case has a hole in one section so you can thread your head phones through it. The product images and description imply the with the QuickVue on your waist, you can simply flip open the case when your phone rings and easily answer the phone. It seemed like a professional looking product that would protect my phone and still make all of the phone capabilities easy to use.**Using the QuickVue**In truth, the QuickVue case is nice, and I see how it's *supposed* to work, but in practice it's not nearly as trouble-free as the pictures make it look. The main problem with the QuickVue is that key components of your iPhone are covered while it's in the case. The design is supposed to slightly "pop out" your iPhone when the case is opened, but in practice that never happens for me.When the iPhone is in the QuickVue case, you can't silence the ringer without completely pulling it out because the button to do so is on the left hand side of the phone and is completely inaccessible in the case. It's also difficult to power on or power off the display, because although the iPhone is *supposed* to be able to pop out of the case when it's flipped open, it rarely does, and the display button is also out of reach with the iPod securely tucked inside the case.I'm constantly pulling my phone in and out of the QuickVue case to access these two key features whenever I receive a phone

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Not very "stealthy"


Having a son who is very into spy toys, we're not stranger to spynet products and usually have a good experience with them. This one, however, just wasn't exactly what we were expecting. It's hard to gauge this from product pictures online, but they are quite big and bulky. So bulky in fact that smaller children may find them awkward and uncomfortable to wear. Their size, along with the fact that the lens is right in the middle and very obvious, ruining the stealth aspect of the intended fun and not very in keeping with the spy theme. The last disappointment here is that you cannot view what you are recording as you are recording it, which was the impression my son had of them when he decided that he absolutely had to have them. You just press record and view it later, so you're not sure if you're getting exactly what you want and there's less of a fun element to the actual act of recording itself. That said, getting them on the computer and viewing them is simple and straightforward. They come with a USB cord, which is convenient and the video quality is not bad at all considering the price. There are pros and cons to this one, but if we knew what we do now before we purchased it, we probably would have passed on this spynet toy.



Spy Net Stealth Video Glasses

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