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Spring Valley
Spring Valley Black Cohosh Root

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Hot flash and cramp reliever


This herb is great for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. It is also used as a dietary supplement for other conditions, including menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome. This will help with hot flashes and cramps but, might also increase bleeding, ask your doctor if it's safe for you to take .I prefer it to midol.



Spring Valley Black Cohosh Root Gets Rid of My Hot Flashes


Spring Valley Black Cohosh Root is a good remedy for hot flashes and irritability. Most of the irritability comes from having so many HOT flashes and once they disappear, the irritability does too. Spring Valley herbs and vitamins are ok. I've tried other brands and they all have helped with some of my menopausal symptoms. Spring Valley black cohosh is good on the pocket book too. I've tried Natures Way herbs and it seems like I had to take more of the herb than I do with the Spring Valley but they have the same milligrams of black cohosh root. I don't normally take a lot of vitamins or herbs but with menopause arriving into my life recently it has given me a chance to try different brands of herb and I am happy with Spring Valley. I would recommend Spring Valley black cohosh root to anyone who is suffering with cramping, irritability and or hot flashes. If and when I try any other brands I will give another review but until then I'll stick with Spring Valley herbs. **** ** **

Anderson, SC


its good


this is a great product and one i started taking about 6 months ago.  i stopped taking it because i noticed all the chemicals- names i had no clue what they were- that i was taking on top of the black cohosh and i was only getting 20 mg/ pill.  that was just not enough. someitmes i'd have to take an extra pill during the day and sometimes at night..  i was supplimenting my suppliment- not good.  so i ended up stopping the use of this product.  my body was a little off for a couple of days due to the chemcials in it.

Oil City, PA


Spring Valley Black Cohosh Root

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