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Sportspower 7 ft (84 in) Trampoline with (3) Door-Shaped Enclosure with Flash Light Zone


7' (84") Trampoline & 3-Door-Shaped Enclosure with Flash Light Zone

  • Safe for Play Indoors or Outdoors
  • Galvanized Steel Frame for Durability
  • Galvanized Steel Enclosure Covered with Foam Pads for Safety
  • 36 Safety Springs
  • Safety Pad Covers All Springs & the Main Frame
  • Flash Light Zone Flashes as the User Jumps
  • Flash Light Zone provides additional safety by Keeping the User Focused on the Center of the Mat.

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Great for Little People


Where was this when I was a kid? I never wanted a trampoline for my children since I grew up with the old school models that were completely open, metal, scary and with all the spring exposed...basically an injury waiting to happen. This 7 foot enclosed trampoline is amazing! I love that it has 3 openings so that kids can climb out in virtually any direction. The enclosure is so safe and soft that even when my wild boys crash into it, they are completely fine. The frame is made of galvanized steel and is so durable and strong. It has held up pretty well to our crazy weather, but it definitely shows some wear and tear from strong winds. The flashing zone was kind of weird and distracting to me at first. I'm still not sure that I love it, but one benefit is that it does keep kids focused on the center of the mat rather than jumping to the sides as much. This is a good skill to learn, but still, I'd rather do without the light. It's a bit too stimulating in my opinion. The springs are padded and fully covered, which is great for avoiding finger or toe pinches. My nephew has special needs and has done really well in this with my boys. Truly a great addition to our backyard!


Dallas, TX


not as fun as we hoped


When my daughter got this from her grandparents for christmas, we were super excited. Assembly was a bit time consuming,but not terribly hard. My daughter only used this trampoline a few times for its intended purpose during the years we had it because you could only play one kid at a time, which isnt very fun. Instead of jumping on it, she would use it to play dolls on or make a fort with it. Also, after being in the sun for close to a year, the foam protectors on the bars began to rot. Definitely not worth the money and amount of space it took up.


Waddell, AZ


I should have passed


I thought the Sportspower Trampoline would be a good idea because one of my children is slightly overweight. I don't think I read the details carefully enough prior to purchase though. My daughter is 9 and is about the right height for her age. This trampoline seems like it would be perfect for a child aged 6, maybe 7 years old. The trampoline will hold up to about 100 pounds. There's a flashing light in the middle of it that helps to keep the person at a safe distance from the covered springs to help prevent accidents. Obviously the flashing is not good for anyone with a seizure disorder. Ask your children's friends prior to allowing them to jump or it could end really badly. The construction of the trampoline was even simpler than I had expected but I don't believe this particular model is big enough to satisfy the needs of my household. On top of that, only one person can jump at a time and that led to bickering with the other children about someone "hogging" all the time to jump... Another headache I could have done without! I would recommend it's use for younger, smaller children.




Good for small kids


My son had been begging me for a trampoline for ages but considering he's not the most graceful child I was really worried about his safety. The Sportspower Trampoline with Door-Shaped Enclosure seemed to be the perfect solution for safety concerns, I figured it would be a lot harder for him to fly over the edge if he was enclosed. It actually does work really great for that, we managed to avoid a single injury by falling over the side of the trampoline. My only real issue with this product is that I didn't gauge the size properly. My son is really tall for a 7 year old and can't really jump that high on this trampoline. I also wish it had a little more surface area because as it is, there isn't much room for more than one kid in there. Two is pushing it and three would be out of the question unless I wanted it to turn into a bouncy cage match. I think it would be really great for children who were a little younger or smaller.




Sportspower 7 ft (84 in) Trampoline with (3) Door-Shaped Enclosure with Flash Light Zone

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