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Tippmann 98 Custom Pro Paintball Gun with E Grip

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Most Versatile Gun in the World


The Tippman 98 Custom is without a doubt one of the best Paintball guns on the market today. Along with how durable of a gun it has shaped out to be, it is also the most customizable of all the Paintball guns on the market today. There are tons of packages to change the look and style of Paintball you want out of your 98 Custom.GTA Flatline SystemsCallapsible stocksElectronic KitsSniper BarrelsLow pressure kitsBody KitsAnd WAY MOREOften times for new paintball players this is the gun of choice. Along with a low maintenance requirement and long-term durability of this gun, it is also one of the most affordable guns there is. Great for any new Paintball players and those that want to continue the recreational Paintball sport.

Westerville, OH


tippman 98


this is a great paintball marker ive been useing it for about 2 years now with an e trigger cyclone feed and ak body kit and its a great tool to use i play in senerio games with it even though most people have evos or somthing like that and my tippman out dose them all there are only two problems with this marker one is that the barrel is too short and you dont get the greatest distance or acurace unless you are just shooting trees or targets you will need to get a longer barrel the other is the weight it is a little on the heavyer side playing long woods ball games can tire yur arms running with it but other then that i would truly say that this is one of the beast paintball markers ive used so if you are on a team and want to use the tippman 98 custom just grab a longer barrel and your good to go and theres really not a hole lot of maintnace needed on it even cleaning is somthing that takes no time

Cincinnati, OH


The tippman is a excellent paintball gun.


If your just into the sport of have been doing the sport for a while either way this is a great paintball gun. Very accurate gun. I havent seen a better gun like this one in a while if your just starting off or not either way its still a great one.

Caldwell, ID


Immortal marker!


Upon using this marker at a field training exercise at a forest of an unknown location, I presume the Tippmann the best in accordance to affordability and durability.   First I would say that this marker is not for speedball.  It is strictly for woodsball.  It was intended for tough terrain, which is mentioned next. I was in need to dive into a quite deep river.  After emerging from said river I found  myself looking right at an enemy so I pulled the trigger.  Miraculously the 98 fired effortlessly.  After that incident I decided to test the marker and found that the majority of the time the 98 would fire after complete submerging in water. Furthermore, the Tippmann 98 is very inexpensive and will last beyond ones lifetime, making this marker the best choice for woodsball players.  It is also very easy to fix and design.  One can customize its features to almost the full extent.  For example changing the stock, barrel and trigger, etc.     Finally I will state that this marker can be found at local Walmarts and Dick's sporting goods.

Rochester, NY


I hate this gun!


I really don't like this gun and do not understand how anyone would ever like this gun. This gun was meant for companies to rent and NOT for people to buy. No matter what type of paint ball you play, this is not a good gun. Many people think that this gun is reliable and accurate, but there are many guns that are like that but much better for not much cheaper. In speed ball, this has to be the worst gun you can ever use. It shoots slow, its large, and you can use the tank as a stock. In a tournament me and my friends entered, we all used this gun. We came in last place. I know what your thinking, its not the gun, but we faced the same group of people with different guns and we crushed them. We bunkered this one kid but this gun jammed, and i got shot ALOT. For woodsball, it is still not a good gun. It is very heavy and for long woodsball games and scenario games, if you are not in shape then you will get tired.

Johnston, RI


Great Paintball Gun


This is a great paintball gun. I do not own this gun, but i have used it at a paintball arena and it shoots really nice. great distance and power. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice, affordable gun.

Princeton, WV


This gun is amazing!!!


This gun is one of the best guns i have ever used. even though it might be slightly louder it is also dead on accurate. This is an amazing gun. i was never shot down with this and was always able to hit my target from up on the hills. I recommend this gun to both starters and proffessionals. it also a cheap buy!

Cedar City, UT


extremely fun gun and customizable


the tippmann 98 custom pro is a great gun for anyone who is interested in starting paintball. it is a great beginners gun and ssure to satisfy anyone who uses it. another great thing about this gun is the fact that it is highly customizable to adapt to the changing players needs.

Huntington, NY


Tippmann 98 Custom Pro Paintball Gun with E Grip

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