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TX 335
Sportscraft Treadmill

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Good workout equipment


Compared to the extremely old treadmill I use to have this one was a life saver. It was nice to have a treadmill that was more quiet and folded up when not in use. Plus it keeps track of calories burned, your mileage, and how long your work out is. Performance It works great. The speed gets pretty fast and the settings are all pretty accurate. It goes up to ten miles an hour which is really fast compared to walking. I usually have mine set at 4.0-4.5 depending on whether I am speed walking or running. Comfort I think its very comfortable. There's a handle bar in front and on the sides if you do need to hold on while running or walking. There's also a cup holder for water and another holder for an ipod or cell phone. Ease of Use It was a little difficult t figure out at first as far as the speed, mileage and time clock. You have to hit the mode button to set everything or you can just set the speed and it will keep track of the mileage, time, calories burned, and pulse. It was very easy after I figured it all out. Durability It has held up very well. Design I love the design because you can fold it up when not in use. It is in the basement and on the outer border of my kid's play area so it is not in the way anyway but it is still nice to be able to fold it up to make the basement seem bigger than it is.



Not for running


Sportcraft tx 335 treadmill. I have had for about two years now. It does not take up a lot of space and it is pretty light if you want to move to another room. It has heart rate monitor, it has a thumb spot for it to measure your pulse. It has a bottle holder. There are about 6 exercising programs you can choose from. It also has a very important feature such as an emergency shutdown cord that you can pull if you feel you are not keeping up with the treadmill. You can change the speed any time you want. It is perfect for walking. But it is definitely not for running. I would say it can be dangerous to run on this treadmill. I tried to run on it and almost twisted my ankle. The thing is when you are running on it every step you make has such an impact on the moving lane that it you feel like your steps stick to its surface and it makes you stop on every step. It is simply not made for such impact. The moving lane is just not stable enough for it. You are no supposed to worry about twisting your ankles while running on the treadmill. So if you need a treadmill for running this one is not for you. Another disadvantage it has is noise. I understand that it is probably for safety purposes but it is quite annoying. The thing is when you turn it on it makes a terrible high pitch sound that lasts for probably 15 seconds but is really annoying. Then every time you push a button it makes another annoying sound as if you are pushing buttons on the microwave oven.  

Tuscaloosa, AL


Sportscraft Treadmill

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