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Sportscraft Treadmill

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Excellent treadmill. I would buy another.


Love this treadmill use it everyday.

Oakville, Ontario


You Get What You Pay For...


I bought the Sportscraft Treadmill because not only was the price right, but it was small, so I thought it would be perfect for the home office and not too big and bulky. But you know the saying "You Get What You Pay For"? That definitely applies here. I wouldn't say this is a horrible treadmill, but it is pretty much the basic of the basic. You definitely aren't going to be able to run or job on this one, just walk, possible speed walk. There is no incline or tension levels, so the only way you are going to be able to up your performance is by walking longer. It is on the small size, so that is nice for anyone who doesn't have a lot of space. And it will work to at least you get you up and walking and get you some exercise for those days you can't get out to do it. But if you are expecting anything beyond a walk, I wouldn't recommend the Sportscraft Treadmill at all. Save your money and put it towards something that at least has a incline or arm bars.

Stevensville, MI


Cheap treadmill that's not worth owning.


This treadmill is not worth the money. It does not cost a lot if purchased full price, but it has no real features. There are no exercise workouts or anything like that. I had this treadmill in my apartment because it is small and I bought it from someone who was selling it in the newspaper. I was looking for something simple for my first treadmill. Be careful what you wish for. All you can do on this treadmill is walk. There is no incline or arm bars to help with upper body strength. This treadmill is only for the simplest of walking exercises; I would not even use it for running. I tried running on it once and I felt as though it was going to fall apart. I never ran on it again. I would have been severely angry if I had paid full price for this treadmill. I do not recommend purchasing this product. There are so many other treadmills out there that are far better and well worth the money.



The machine that time forgot


It puts me in mind of a machine I would find in my Grandmas Basement somewhere. The idea is complete it seems to be affordable and would indubitably would do the job. I suggest though to the more serious people out there about health. Go with upscale, Incline, arm bars to exercise the upper body with, up and down resistance. This machine is for the extremely obese as a starter version of a real work out.

Cleveland, TN


Its great not having to go to the gym!


I starting really getting active around April 2007 when I retired.  I started out walking about a mile three times a day.  When the season got cold it wasn't a lot of fun having to walk in the cold especially when it rained.  I also did not like the idea of having to purchase a gym membership then having to drive to the gym three times a day if the weather was bad. So I decided that purchasing a treadmill was the thing to do so I checked out walmart's website and found this one was in my price range.  It has several great characteristics, such as time walked, distance walked, and calories burned.  I feel that the best feature is the distance walked but knowing how long I have been on the treadmill is also a great feature.  I started out walking for 30 minutes three times a day just like I had been walking outside.  I gradually raised the speed so that I was walking faster.  I do not run on the treadmill due to my age.

Troy, TX


Sportscraft Treadmill

3.4 5