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Speed Stick
Speed Stick Stainguard Antiperspirant - Clean

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Speed Stick Stainguard is Good, but There are Better


Probably the best- known name in men's deodorant is Speed Stick and it ranks among the many "go- to" brands, across a wide range of products, from which I will turn when I want a product that will be average or better. Speed Stick continues to create new products and one of the newer ones you may have never heard about it **Speed Stick Stain Guard Antiperspirant Deodorant.** **Deodorant Facts and Commentary:** Speed Stick Stain Guard Antiperspirant Deodorant is a stick style deodorant offered in two scents- Fresh, or Clean. The product is so- named because it supposedly has special ingredients that prevent staining of shirts. Many people complain that white and other light- colored shirts develop stains in the armpit area, so Speed Stick developed Speed Stick Stain Guard Antiperspirant Deodorant to eliminate the problem. I don't have a huge problem with stains, but I do experience this some of the time and I like Speed Stick, so this product seemed like one worth trying. I can't really tell if my shirts look any better because this was never a huge problem for me anyway. But what I can say about this product is that it is good at odor prevention, but only average at wetness protection. The scent is decent, although not as masculine as others, but it still protects against odor all day. It is the wetness protection that is only average. As long as my activity isn't very strenuous, this product will work, but otherwise, I tend to stick with other brands or other versions of Speed Stick. **My Bottom Line:** Speed Stick is a respected name and Speed Stick Stain Guard Antiperspirant Deodorant is a good enough product to recommend. The whole stain guard idea may or may not work for everyone, but this product still has enough going for it to recommend it.


Houston, TX


Good, but not what I thought.


I have been a Speed Stick user for many years and have been very satisfied not only with the products, but also with the price.  Between Speed Stick and Right Guard I have done alright as far as antiperspirant deodorants go.  Over the years Speed Stick has come out with new variations on their products and I have tried various ones to varying degrees of success.  For me I want a product that smells good, but more importantly keeps my underarms dry.  When I recently saw Speed Stick Stainguard Antiperspirant Deodorant at the store I opted to try it.  The product claims that it fights yellow stains on shirts.  I must say that has not been an issue for me of late since I do not wear as many white t-shirts as I used to.  Whether that claim is true or not is a somewhat moot point since the product did not keep my underarms as dry as other Speed Stick products.  I noticed that on a few of the hotter days of late that my underarms were quite moist, to the point where I thought that I had left the house without putting any deodorant on, which I have done on a few occasions in the past.  I must say that I will not buy the product again.  I do not regret buying it, it was on sale and it doesn't hurt to try new things.  I will continue to use Speed Stick, however  Speed Stick Stainguard Antiperspirant Deodorant will not be on my future shopping lists.    


Parsippany, NJ


Speed Stick Stainguard Antiperspirant - Clean

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