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South University - Associates Degree

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incompetent online class structure


I took a few online courses through South University and believe the whole goal was simply to get paid. I was taking a simple computer course and was asked by the professor if i was stupid because I didn't know something. I thought that was the whole purpose in taking courses because I want to learn. I don't discredit ALL of the teachers, in fact the writing course I took was very useful and that teacher was very helpful. Class Selection multiple choices which is good, if you are lacking in an area there are numerous classes that can be utilized,along with assistance from tutors. Teaching Quality teacher stated I was stupid for asking a question. I don't believe that is proper teaching ettiquette Financial Aid was easy to apply and easy to receive, i had a case manger that assisted with the process and the biggest concern was how soon the college was getting paid. I understand that there is a price for everything but once the money was received I couldn't reach him again. I would leave messages but never would get a return call Accreditation it is accredited



Superior University


I am currently a student at South University in Tampa, FL. I am in a healthcare associates degree program and I absolutely love it! The professors really care about the students and the all around setting is wonderful! If price is an issue you may want to look at differient colleges!

Wesley Chapel, FL


South University online college makes getting your degree fast!


South University's online degree programs enable anyone with a computer the opportunity to get a college degree. Whether you are seeking your Associates, your Bachelors or want to continue your education with an advanced degree, South University has the program for you. Covering a wide variety of career choices, South University's degree programs enable you to get your degree in half the time of going to a traditional brick-and-mortar college not to mention saving you money at the same time. The teachers and instructors at South University have their students' success at the forefront of their minds and offer a wide array of tools to help you succeed in your educational goals. I've found the teachers to be professional, knowledgeable and easily accessible. Focus is on the student and helping him or her achieve their education goals. If you're willing to put in the effort, the teachers and counseling staff will work their hardest to make sure you get what you need in the way of tutoring, library resources and financial aid. Getting a degree was never easier! But don't let that trick you into thinking the programs are easy or don't teach you what you need to know. I'm already working in the IT field and the classes I've taken to date have helped me advance that career even before I have the degree on the wall! I just got an 11% raise which in this time of economic downturn is amazing!

Donalds, SC


South University - Associates Degree

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