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Sony Notebook

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Just an okay laptop. Believe sony could have done better though


I got my sony vaio laptop as a gift in january 08.  The excitement i felt was however shortlived as i started having some issues with it soon after.  the keys sometime stiffen up of their own volition, the mouse has the same issue.  to worsen everything, it takes 'forever' to boot at start-up.  i could have returned it but due to some issues at the time of purchase, we couldn't.  i'm still managing it and hoping my economy will improve soon enough so i can get a really good and workable laptop for my work.  I don't think i'll be doing sony again though.  i feel they are unnecessarily over-priced and u really don't end up getting the best deal for all the money spent.  i can do better with a Hewlett Packard or Dell any day and i'll remember to stick with the original pc manufacturers.  I'd go for a sony tv, camera, camcorder, etc.  i know they are one of the best when it comes to those kind of tech gadgets.  laptops?  not so sure of that.

Santa Clara, CA


Sony Notebook

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