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Sony - KDL- in. LED TV

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sony 52nx800


We always buy sony products we love the brand and always will! This purchase was no different than any other for us.  We both this on black friday (with luck) my hubby stood outside in freezing cold to get 1 of the 25 they had! The setup was super easy and the avaliable options are beyond what i could imagine a televison could This thing is a bit heavy but i was able to help get it to its "home" The sleek design is great for anybody, the picture quality is outstanding and the menus are easy to get through for setup! navigating through all of the extras menus is also a snap in a matter of seconds i can be watching tv then rigght to the internet to search for something i just saw on television! This televison is great just like we suspected it would be! The one thing we would change would be the sound system, but since we have ours running through our surround sound its no big deal! love it!


Chesapeake, VA


TOP QUALITY, so easy to use!!!!


This tv rocks!!  I love the " i manual"  that is a menu in the tv.  It is easier than flipping through a paper manual.  The picture quality is soooooo AWSOME!  I love the fact that the screen has a "tempered glass" that protects it.(from my kids). The internet capabilities are way cool also.  I can look at youtube and many other sites from my tv!!  I love that Sony has a site you can rent movies from, like "Netflix" BUT BETTER.  The movie prices are average but there alot of new movies to choose from.  My mom bought a 60" Sanyo Aquos the same day as me and I set hers up also and hers does not have HALF the cool stuff mine has!!  My Sony is so easy to use and Alot of extras!!  I am so happy with my TV!!!#1   Jerry


Springville, UT


sony kdl is very good in hd pictures and sound qualitity


sony has the best tvs and all types of electronics on the market and you can always find what you want the tvs have good picture quality sound and all out hd features. so go buy a sony product and you will never go wrong with sony


Wilson, NC


Sony - KDL- in. LED TV

5.0 3