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Sony - DCR-SX41 Camcorder

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Nifty little bugger! Easy to carry and capture special moments.


This was a gift for a job well done and I have loved using it for everything. I bring it to birthday parties, Holiday events, family get togethers, or I use it just because (I definitely use it to capture all the funny things my cats do around the house). It's really light and compact. When I bring it to events, I can put it in my pocket and I barely notice it's there. The camera's zoom really brings everything up close and gives sharp details that our old video camera didn't. It's auto focus also focuses on an object quicker than our old one did.  One great feature that the camera has is the still shot capability. With this, you don't have to change cameras from video to still and possibly lose the moment.  All you need is a Memory Stick Duo (of course, only Sony makes it) but it can go from the camera to your computer for downloading and/or editing. The tv/screen is adjustable so you can tape yourself and flip the camera so that you can make sure you're in the frame. Even though technology improves itself in 3 months, this camera should be around for a long time and stil be a great machine. Love it!


Sherman Oaks, CA


Great Camcorder overall


When i went to bestbuy, my main criteria was long range zoom and price. The salesman was helpful and suggested this DCR-SX41 camcorder. This camcorder takes the pricey Memory Stick as storage instead of cheaper SDHC cards like in other camcorders. The pictures quality is excellent overall, especially outdoors. Pictures are little bit grainy indoors, but acceptable. I'm kind of disappointed in its battery life. I've been averaging about 1 hour battery life which includes standby. The zoom is really really impressive. However, at it's maximum 60x optical zoom, it is kind of difficult to keep a steady shot. Overall, I am happy with my purchase. I don't have an HDTV, so getting an HD camcorder was not needed for me. Picture quality on my standard TV was excellent. I love how in this digital storage camcorder, there is no need to rewind. Just select a scene and play. I highly recommend this camera.


Schaumburg, IL


Sony - DCR-SX41 Camcorder

4.5 2