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Kodak - Zi6 Flash Media Camcorder

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Love It


I got a Flip camera for my birthday and the video is pretty low quality. A friend had one of these and I was shocked at how much better the Kodak was. I wish the micraphone was a little better but at such a great price who can complain. I purchased one 2 months ago and love it. Even the battery life is pretty good. Performance It really performs better than other similarly priced ones. Battery Life The batteries last a long time before I have to recharge them. Durability Seems like it will last a long time. Everything still works even after being dropped a few times. Ease of Use Just push record and it does its job. After reading the directions I did discover a few features that make this Kodak even better. Design Perfectly designed to be taken anywhere. Fits great in my pocket and it is easy to carry around.


Hampton, VA


HD Video at Affordable Prices for capturing those memories


I purchased the Kodak Zi6 last fall when it made it appearance at the local Best Buy. Having had a bad experience with JVC I decided I would try this one before jumping in to buy a higher priced High Def Camcorder. To my surprise I have been quite impressed with the ease of use since there are only a few buttons to use to change settings. You can film HD Quality for a very low price compared to other HD Camcorders with a varieity of settings from still pics, Standard VGA at 30 frames per second, HD at 30 or 60 frames per second. I recommend buying an SD/SDHC card to allow for longer recording times. You can expand up to a 32 GB card to store longer movies or more short movies which ever suits your needs. You receive one set of rechargeable batteries along with a battery charger in the box. I suggest buying extra batteries so you are prepared to take those unexpected videos. After taking your video you can upload directly to Youtube through a flip out USB connection or you can download the video and edit as you please on your computer before making a DVD to share with friends and family.   I have noticed some of the newer retail boxes contain a kit including a table tripod along with an SD/SDHC card so you are not having to purchase any extras.


Ramseur, NC


Nice Little Affordable HD Camera!


The Kodak Zi6 is a High Definition pocket camcorder that records in 720p 60/30 frames per second. The Kodak Zi6 is a small little camera that lives up to it's claims. Although the Kodak Zi6 does actually record 720p it's not comparable to pricier high end camcorders. The Kodak Zi6 does not have an optical zoom. It does however have a small digital zoom. The Kodak Zi6 also does not have any way to adjust the focus. The focus on the camcorder is set at a fixed distance. The Kodak Zi6 also has a macro mode, which is very cool, but doesn't really serve very much use. The Kodak Zi6 records in 30 frames a second, or 60 frames per second. The 60 frames allows for better slow-mo playback. Optionally you can also record in VGA. The Kodak Zi6 runs circles around it's major competitor, The Flip HD. I've personally tested this camera and the Flip HD and the video on the Zi6 is crisper looking. My major issue with the Zi6 is it's extremely poor low light recording. The camera immediately drops frames and gets extremely grainy. When filming in a brightly lit area, such as outside, the video is beautiful! Overall I'd recommend the Kodak Zi6 for anyone who needs a small HD camcorder to take on the go!


Chesterland, OH


Good HD pocket camera


This totally burns flip to the ground. It records in 720p 60fps and has amazing image quality and has a good macro mode option. However there are little flaws that will annoy you. It might be my memory card itself, but when I reach over 1gb and go to HD60 mode, it will record 2 seconds then stop and flash a memory card icon even though I have like 7 gbs left. It also doesn't have many flexible options accept macro mode and since it is a small camera it is very shaky. Quality also really depends on the quality. It looks amazing under bright and sunny conditions but indoors at night is pretty miserable. However the battery life is pretty good and it has tv out and a built in USB output. I recommend this for a camera to bring around and do minor videos.


Rosemead, CA


Flip your Flip and buy this


My two sister have a flip camcorder.  My aunt has a flip camcorder.  My grandmother has a flip camcorder.  They always ask me, how did you get such good quality movies.  My answer.  I dont use a Flip, I use a Kodak Zi6.  This camcorder is awesome.  Not only is it small like a flip, it has a LCD screen on it for previewing, reviewing and every other kind of viewing.  Plus it takes still pictures.  we take it with us to theme parks and the such, where toting the DSLR might get a little cumbersome.  And you know what, sometimes we can not tell we did not bring the big camera.  the pictures and movies are sharp, and the sound quality is excellent.  I have not used a better video camera(not to say that there are not some good ones out there i have not tried}. It has a flip out usb connector on it that makes it super easy to hook up to the laptop, and the movies all but download themselves after you intstall the kodak software on you computer.


Princess Anne, MD


A fun little video camera at a great price.


This is a neat little camcorder that is easy to use and great for a beginner like myself. The Zi6 is so simple to use, literally just touch one button and point. It records in good quality and even records sound. By hooking a simple cable into the device and into your television, you can view your recording right on your home TV. It even has a zoom function to get a closer look. The device is best used in a well lit environment as there is no added light. Trying to film in a dark room will get poor results. Even though there is a zoom function, don't expect to get decent results from afar. For example, I tried to record my nieces dance recital from in the audience and could not make out the faces on the recording as I was not close to the stage. The biggest problem I have is that it takes forever to upload video to my computer -- literally hours to upload several short videos. The other problem I have is that, unlike regular photos taken with a digital camera, you cannot flip the picture. Sometimes its just more convenient to hold  the camera certain way, but if you hold the camera sideways, your video will be viewed that way. One additional point, when unloading to the computer, you literally hook the camera to the computer's usb port. I would actually prefer using a cable. In order to get the connector to attach to my usb port, I have to unplug other devices to make room for it to fit. In summary, if you are new to video recording or just want something cheap to play around with, its really great. If you are a more serious videographer, this certainly would not be the product for you.


Philadelphia, PA


Amazing HD Quality Recorder


I have had this video recorder for a year and I love it.  It is a great price and small and compact.   It has great HD quality picture and love that the memory can be expanded with a memory card unlike some of the other small video recorders.  It has a small zoom on it which allows you to zoom in on you object. It is a great feature.  You can review videos right the screen and delte the ones you no longer want.   It is very easy to download your video to the computer.  You can remove the SD card or the recorder has a built in USB plug that flips out on the side and the videos are easily transferred.   It come with photo editing software for the computer that is very easy and allows to make dvd's from your clips.  You can edit and add several clips together and then quickly burn to dvd.   I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a small recorder.   The size makes it great for traveling and can be easily placed in your pocket. 


Jefferson, MD


Kodak - Zi6 Flash Media Camcorder

4.6 7