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Smartwool® is a sock and apparel brand whose products are designed to get the most out of the inherent benefits of Merino wool and to bring comfort, confidence, and community to a life lived outside.

Read 5,655 Reviews

Sent the wrong item


I was sent the wrong item, and the item had a large stain on it that was sent to me. Very odd. Huge fan of Smart world products but…

Vincent C


It is true, what they say.


Yep. Wool is absolutely more comfortable. From humid Charleston SC to scorching Apple Valley CA, Smartwool is more comfortable and much much quicker to dry than cotton. Also it provides some warmth when the mornings are chilly and moist.

Adam C

Could be Anywhere, USA


Great socks


The smart wool website was easy to navigate. This pair of socks was on sale, so it made them more appealing. I have worn a pair all day, and they are very comfortable.

Janine B

Arroyo Grande CA


Good quality brand that lasts through the seasons


I love my Smartwool clothing - socks, shirts, tank tops, etc. I depend on this quality clothing not only on long hikes but also traveling on vacation where we go to two different places with two different average temperatures- like Guam and Japan in February! It's nice to dress in layers for both hot and cold weather on the same trip! Plus, there's no odor after wearing socks, shirts etc for two days straight! Smartwool helps me pack light! Love it!

Corinne B

Raleigh, NC


Quality and comfort


I have been a fan of smart wool clothing for a long time. My only complaint about their products are the tags. In 2024 you should be able to buy underwear with easy to remove tags. Having chafing tags against the skin is awful. I should be able to remove the tags without risky damage to the product.




Found a good fit for me!


I was having difficulty checking out after selecting some socks. I finally called customer service. They fixed it quickly and gave me an extra discount. The socks they recommended had a little more width to them and fit my feet more comfortably. Thanks, folks!

Grant H

Murfreesboro, TN


Smartwool = fit, function and comfort!


I always can expect quality when purchasing from Smartwool.

David M

Ft. Pierce, FL


My first choice for wool socks and clothing!


I had heard for years that cotton kills, but I also remembered my hiking experiences with wool hiking socks when I was a teenager and thought I could never endure that scratchy nightmare again. So I surprised, when on a lark, someone gave me a pair of these merino wool socks from Smartwool. No hyperbole, it was the biggest change in my hiking experience ever. Now I love to wear my smart wool socks all the time, even when I am not hiking!

William C.

Oregon, U.S.


Natural no-shows as well as crew socks


I absolutely love my natural colored no-shows as well as my crew socks that look like my former white cotton socks. No contest between cotton and merino wool! I absolutely love the look, the feel and the lack of stinky socks smell! What? I can wear them a few days? Yay!

Janice S

Philly region


Not the same as the previous socks


Previously I had purchased a batch of 6 pairs of ankle length socks. The grey color were out of stock so I ordered the black ones. I received nice, thick socks, as I expected from Smartwool which do not slip off of my ankle. Recently, when I needed more socks, I returned to the website and this time was pleased that the grey color socks were in stock. Unfortunately, they are thin, and do not stay up ( they constantly slip down past my ankle). It has been more than a year since I ordered the original socks, but my expectation was that I would receive the same style as before, as the price was higher, implying to me that with inflation figured in, this must be the same style. In addition, it seems that the other style has been discontinued.

Don M.

St. Paul, MN



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