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Smart Options
Smart Options Paper Towels

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Perfect for the messes


I'm not kidding when I say this but, I buy 3-4 rolls of these paper towels when I go to the grocery store every other week. I love, love, love these! So much cheaper than all the rest & they get the job done! I have noticed their price sneaking up and I'm hoping it doesn't continue to climb! I tell everyone that asks about them!


Tampa, FL


Who needs Bounty when you have other option? Smart Option!


     I tell you I have tried every paper towel and this one is for me.  What a smart option it is.  I never paid a lot for paper towels anyway, cause it is a waste of money.       Since I save money on these there are other high quality items that I can now buy.  I have even used them for tissues in a rush, but would not recommend for toilet paper.  I like Charmin for that.      I thought the price was marked wrong and the checker was even amazed. One roll lasts me 2 weeks, I am only one person, but imagine the savings.  They pick up quick too, and NO you do not need a dozen of them for a spill or mess.      I am definately hooked on the smart options everything now.  Do you believe that they make margarine too and it is 89 cents!   I don't know who came up with this concept, but in this economy it sure helps me out a lot.  I even dust with endust on them and they do not fall apart.      I have cleaned my sliding glass doors and there is a little fuzz left behind, so what!  If the economy gets any worse we are all going to have to think of Smarter Options!


Venice, FL


Smart Options Paper Towels

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