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Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels

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What Happened??


We always thought Brawny was the best, but our recent purchase shows a definite decline in quality!!






This is great because 1+1 is 2




the strongest


I was using bounty for years and one time I did not see it on the shelf so decided to try brawny. Let me tell you I am so glad I did cause I would not of none how strong and absorbent these paper towels are. I use at least a roll a day with spills and wiping and cleaning things up and it is great to have a product that performs.


Bellmore, NY


great to use and great price!


I love brawny and use it all the time because you really do not waste any paper towels with this kind. You can literally just use ONE paper towel to wipe up a spill or just to clean off your counter tops or anything. They are very durable and great for the price!




Thicker, more absorbant and tougher than the other leading brand


If you have never tried BRAWNY PAPER TOWELS, what are you waiting for? These towels are nice and thick and have a soft texture. I buy the 6 roll pack in pick a size. Love that Brawny has come out with pick a size because you often do not need a whole paper towel for a small clean up job, so why waste the whole towel. I use to use the other well know and greatly advertised paper towel that starts with "B", but tried Brawny one time when I had a coupon and I was hooked. These paper towels, in my opinion are superior to Bounty. They absorb liquid and grease better. They are thicker and they hold up better when you use them to clean with. They are soft enough that you can use them to dry your face with and not feel all scratchy, like you get with some paper towels. Did you know that Brawny offers a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with this product? If you are not completely satisfied with your Brawny paper towels within 60 days of purchase you can send them your receipt, circle the price of purchase, a reason you were unsatisfied, your name and address and the UPC code.


El Paso, TX


The perfect size for any need: Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels


Sometimes you make a big mess and need a lot of paper towels. Other times you just need to use one as a napkin. For any time, I reach for Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels. I love the convenience of being able to pick the exact size of towel I need because it not only saves money for me, it reduces environmental impact (which is significant considering paper towels are kind of wasteful when you really stop and think about it for a minute or two). Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels offer up sheets that are about one-third the size of your traditionally sized paper towel, so you can just rip off as few or as many as you need. I like to tear a single sheet in half to use as two napkins for dinners. And Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels offer the quality you expect from Brawny, very absorbent and durable (I have used them to scrub up pet stains on the carpet). Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels are the only paper towels I buy.


Chicago, IL


Brawny makes the cheapest baby wipes in America


When my second child was born, I learned how to make my own baby wipes from Brawny towels, the only ones soft and sturdy enough to use. Cut the sheets to fit into a hard plastic sandwich container. Mix a little water with some baby soap in the container, add the sheets, secure the lid and turn the container upside down so all the sheets get wet. I saved heaps of money and my child was just as happy to be cleaned with a lumberjack as a bunny.


Atlanta, GA


Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels Are Ideal!


I love Brawny Paper Towels. I have been using this particular brand of paper towels for years and years. Brawny is strong and doesn't tear easily like other brands I have tried. I like to have a paper towel that is strong enough for pickups of spills and kitchen accidents. Having pets and kids around I am constantly having to clean up spills and unexpected messes. I like being able to reach for my Brawny paper towels and know that they will absorb whatever has spilled without tearing right through and becoming useless. I am also able to use these paper towels for everyday cleaning and dusting. I am able to spray them with some cleaner and then wipe stuff down and even after spraying them and folding them, they just do not tear. In particular, I love the pick-a-size packs because sometimes an entire paper towel sheet is too big for what I need it for, and having to tear off of a whole sheet is not convenient. The pick-a-size sheets are perfect for those small spills and cleanups. I highly recommend these.


Palm Bay, FL


I love them--I truly do.


During one of the last trips to the grocery store there was a sale on these paper towels. Since they are higher end and typicall more expensive, we usually don't get them. We can't typically afford them on our budget. I grabbed them up. Not because I'd been dying to try them, but because they were less expensive that our usually lower-grade brand.You know what?I love them.I truly do.The funny thing is, I rarely pull off more than 1 of these, which is approximately 1/3 the size of a regular paper towel. You know what that means? Even with the same footage on a roll, these will last me almost 3 times longer than my usual brand. Because I obviously don't NEED as large of a towel as I used to get.And that makes me and our bank account happy. Additionally, they are super absobant and softer than the papery ones we usually get. So although these won't become my favorite brand (budget to mind, you know), I will definitely look out for another good sale!


Savannah, GA


Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels-Strong and Durable


What i love most about Brawny Paper towels is,their absorbency.Even when wet, these paper towels won't tear or shred, so you can use them again and again. Good for even the messiest of spills , Brawny-Any Size lives up to it's name by performing just as well or better than most of their competitors. in my opinion as a cost consious shopper,This product is worth paying a little more than you would for any  other named brand paper towel. 


Patterson, NY


Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels

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