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Skindecent Dream Cloud Body Mousse

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I pretty much love this Moisturizer called Skindecent Dream Cloud Body Mousse. I started using this stuff about a year and a half ago. I was shopping online when I came across this stuff and looked at other reviews for it. I have sensitive skin and my skin often gets dry. I have used many many products and have found a lot of body butters, lotions and mousse from places like walmart feel way to greasy on my skin to the point where I don't want to put it on. Body lotions from Bath and body works are not sensitive enough for my skin and irritate my skin because of the perfumes in it. This stuff actually moisturizes my skin well. I love that a little bit goes a long way and it lasts for a while. It is a little more expensive than the stuff from walmart but it's worth it. Happy with this product. It has a good smell, without irritating my skin and does not feel greasy on my skin.



Super creamy mousse leaves your skin soft and velvety.


Since I loved the [Bath Truffles][1] I ordered from the skindecent website, I decided to try several other products including the **Dream Cloud Body Mousse.** The great thing about skindecent is that you can order your products with any of the 113 different scents they have to choose from.  They are handmade with mostly natural ingredients.  It can be a little daunting trying to decide between 113 different scents, but they are categorized by type of scent like: fruity, bakery, botanical and so on.  I know I don't like floral scents, so I can skip that category and pick from a category that I know I love, like fruity. When you unscrew the lid, the body mousse looks like whipped cream cheese.  When you rub it into your skin it is definitely a unique feeling.  It's not thick and waxy like some moisturizers are.  It is smooth and creamy but not too heavy.  At first it feels a little too greasy, but it eventually rubs in completely except on my hands; it took longer to absorb in my hands than it did the rest of my body. **The Scoop!** I am slowly making my way through the skindecent line of products and haven't tried anything that I don't like yet.  I recommend this Body Mousse if you are into natural products and especially if you find a hard time finding scented products that you like in drug stores. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Skindecent-Bath-Truffles-Starfruit-amp-Mango-review-2cb13

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Natural, handmade body mousse that makes your skin feel dreamy.


***Quick View:*** I am a huge fan of Skindecent.com and have tried just about every product sold on the site. These bath and body products are hand made to order using natural ingredients and I have never been disappointed in anything. The list of almost 100 scents is the most frustrating part of my experience! The newest moisturizing product from Skindecent.com is **Skindecent Dream Cloud Body Mousse**. This mousse is rich and very hydrating yet light to the touch. ***My Dreamy Experience**** * The mousse is very potent. Only a small amount is needed to totally bathe my skin in moisture. I only used about a quarter-size dollop for my whole body. At first, my skin felt a bit greasy but that quickly turned to softness that lasted all day and night. The scent is just strong enough to wear alone or layer and makes me feel and smell fresh and very pampered. My skin loves this stuff but it loves everything Skindecent offers! This mousse is best for those with dry skin or who want concentrated hydration. I use it even now, on hot days, and it isn't too much for me but my skin tends toward dry and appreciates a dose of deep hydration. I really like this mousse and will buy more when the time comes. I especially like that this formula contains green tea, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E - all good for the skin ingredients. It's hand made to order in any one of 100 scents using natural ingredients. My skin can tell the difference and glows with health when I use this product. ***My Dreamy Viewpoint*** Luscious, fluffy mousse with a scent that you choose from almost 100 choices. It's hard to beat that. **Skindecent Dream Cloud Body Mousse** may be too heavy for those who tend toward oily skin but my skin drinks in the hydration and thanks me with soft, sexy skin all day and night. The scent is a bonus and I totally love the way my skin is lightly scented and stays that way unless I choose to overpower it with a fragrance. Another winner, ***I have to go with 5 stars for this product***. I will continue using this along with all the other hydrating formulas at Skindecent.com.

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Skindecent Dream Cloud Body Mousse

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