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Singer Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Singer 1748- good for sewing starters


I am a total beginner when it comes to sewing. Yes, I used to play around with my moms machine when I was a teenager but haven't touched a machine in about 10 years I guess. Then I thought it would be cool to start again- from scratch- so I started looking around and ended up with the Singer 1748. The setup was easy and soon I was doing my first test stitches. The machine was already pre-adjusted so I had no problems at all. It also came with a cover and a baggy full of accessories. The manual gives you step by step instructions on how to get started and how to program the machine and change the settings for different stitches. I actually finished a pillowcase within a few hours of playing around and it came out pretty good. The only thing I didn't like? I thought the instructions about how to change settings for the different stitches was a little bit irritating to me. It took me a little bit of playing around and just trying to figure out how to set the dials to get the desired stitch. Other than that- a good product if you are a beginner and don't want to spend to much money on a sewing machine but still want quality.


Apo, AE


The Singer 1748 is a great little machine.


The Singer 1748 is a great little machine for the money. I do a lot of sewing for my children and grandchildren and it has been a work horse. I don't need all the fancy bells and whistles when I want to sew. It does have 32 different stitches and a buttonholer, a free arm and some other little features. I bought this when my other Singer that was over thirty years old finally died. My old Singer was a basic model so when I was looking for a new machine, the Singer 1748 caught my eye and I have been very happy with it. I have made small baby quilts, clothes, and a comforter on the machine and didn't have a problem. I have read good and bad things about the machine but I believe it is a very good machine. I have used it a lot and it has been very good to me. I like to sew and make clothes or whatever my children or grandchildren need. My children think that I made a good choice when I bought the Singer 1748.


Mobile, AL


I love the singer sewing machine,I own one.


I have always used and bought singer brand.My main reasons for singer is it's reputation and its quality.The features a singer sewing machine has to offer.I also find singer machine is very easy to operate.You should check out the singer sewing machine if you are considering purchasing a machine.Singer has alot of different models to choose from.Singer has mechanical,electronic and also computerized sewing machines.The singer sewing machine has alot of different types and styles of stitching which is another good feature if you like to sew alot.A singer sewing machine is also very easy to thread and replace the bobbin and the needle as well.The singer brand sewing machine is a very sturdy piece of machinery.Also a singer sewing machine instruction manual is very easy to understand.I enjoy my singer sewing machine a whole lot because I love to sew alot.My singer sewing machine is mechanical,also put in a table with drawers in it.By it having the table and drawers makes it very convenient.


Bluefield, WV


Singer Mechanical Sewing Machine

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