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Singer Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Didn't work for me.


I will preface this by saying that this was my first sewing machine...but I honestly don't think user error contributed to 100% of my problems. The instructions were horrible for a first-timer, but I got through it and got it set up. Once I actually got it going, it was downhill from there. The needle wouldn't move, the thread would get jammed, and it was just frustrating all around. I ended up returning it and even the lady who did the return said she couldn't get one to work. Stitch Performance Didn't get the job done. Ease of Use The instructions were terrible for a first-timer. Fabric Handling Didn't want to work correctly. Fabric would get hung up. Versatility It may be versatile if it actually worked... Design It doesn't work great even when it does work, so the design is just awful. Durability Even right out of the box it didn't always want to work.

Palm Bay, FL


Singer 7462 is a good buy


I received my Singer 7462 as a gift a few year ago. I wanted to learn how to sew, and this a great machine to learn on! I haven't done a ton of projects-just a few pairs of curtains, a jean blanket, an apron, a halloween costume....simple stuff. I like the different stitch paterns there are-some of them look very impressive. I like the automatic threader as well as how easily it is to adjust the stitch length and pattern. I have moved a few times, and think that may be my machine's problem-I think I need to get the tension adjusted because the underside of the stitching gets all messed up, while the top looks great. The bottom thread also gets tangled easily. I would highly recommend this machine for any beginner-or advanced sewer. It's simple and easy to use, I've never broken a needle on it! Singer also has a help line and they are very nice about answering questions. I find the light on this machine to be very helpful in seeing small details with the stitching-other machine lights aren't nearly as nice as this one.

Essex Junction, VT


It was great... for a while.


I got this machine for Christmas 2 or 3 years ago. I can't remember exactly, because I don't use it all that often. I learned to sew in junior high but had not sewn since then and I wanted to get back into it. My goal was to start simple, making dog beds and other simple things then working up to patterns and clothes. I asked for a machine for Christmas and this is what my mom chose. It was pretty awesome at first and I can see why she chose it. It was not very pricy and had some cool features. It has lots of different types of stitches that are easy to choose. When I got it home, I opened up the instruction booklet and read it cover to cover to make sure I understood exactly how it worked since it had been a little while since I used one. It was pretty straight forward and simple. Everything worked exactly as expected. I made some dog beds and even tried out a few simple patterns. They all turned out great and the machine worked fine. I tried out all of the different stitch styles and it was awesome. Then one day I went to use it and it wouldn't wind the bobbin. It would start, then start beeping at me and stop. I couldn't get it to work. I made sure to keep it clean and oiled according to the instructions and made sure there was nothing blocking any moving parts. I did not use it very much so I'm not really sure how something could have broken on it after about 10-15 uses. For a while, I dealt with that issue by winding the bobbin by hand (annoying!) and it worked OK, then it stopped working altogether, beeping at me like crazy. Now I have to take it in to a repair shop and get it fixed before I can use it again.

Denton, TX


At First It Was Great!


Ok so my mom bought this machine for me for my birthday. I have only made like three quilts and now it is not working. But let me tell you how we got to that point. So I started to sew when I was about fourteen, I learned from my home eck teacher. I learned  on a singer, it was an amazing machine. Appently the old machines were great. So I recieved this machine for my birthday a year ago. I have never moved this machine from room to room, I have kept the dust off of it I have kept it oiled well and for some reason the machine keeps balling up. I dont understand why, my mother used to own her own sewing buisness and work on sewing machines she was very good at it she could not fix this and on top of that she has the same machine as well and hers quit working just as suddenly. I know that singer makes quality products but this certian machine just not be one of those. I now am in the middle of a quilt that I can not finish and no money to go buy a new better machine and no money to fix my current machine. If you bought this machine I really hope that you have better luck than I do. 

Fort Benton, MT


I have a Singer 7462 and love it, reliable and sturdy!!


I love sewing, quilting, crochet, knitting, and most crafts.  This Singer 7462 is a very nice machine.  I use it especially when quilting because I know it will go through many layers with no problems.  The tension of top thread and bobbin thread is easy to adjust and stays how I set it.  Rarely do I havve skipped or uneven stitches.  I have made many items with this machine and plan to continue using it.  When my youngest Granddaughter gets a bit older we are looking forward to her learning on Gram's nice machine.  She just turned 7 and has already 'helped' make an apron for her Mommy.  Many Christmas gifts were made on this machine and also many items that I sell at Craft Shows.  It is very user friendly, especially on curves and tight places.  Sewing the many layers that are needed for a sturdy purse handle are a breeze!!  I have taken the Singer 7462 to craft shows and to classes with me and others are impressed with the ease and the performance that I always get with my Singer.  Great job Singer!!!!



Singer Mechanical Sewing Machine

2.8 5