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Simmons  Pillowtop King Mattress

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Super Comfy!


We bought this mattress four and a half years ago, and we have always loved it! Its super comfortable. It really made a difference to our sleep. We love the pillow top, although the downside to a pillow top is not being able to flip it. I am not lowering my review because of that because we knew that was a downside of a pillow top, therefore it is not the company's fault. We love the king size bed because it gives us plenty of room for us and our two kittens. I have had to spend more time in bed than most people do to health conditions, and having such a comfortable and supportive bed has truly made a difference for the better. I highly recommend this bed to anyone and everyone. It was well worth the money we pain (which was more than some beds but far less than something like a TemperPedic). Comfort The most comfortable bed I have ever been on! When we go on vacation, I always miss our bed! Durability This is just because of the nature of a pillow top mattress.



Great sleep for the first 5 years....


This is an awesome mattress set for the first few years, but, as with all pillow-tops, you can't flip them over for even weight distribution, which makes the bed break down more quickly if you or your partner sleep in the same general positions. All-in-all, we got a great deal on this mattress set and still sleep on it. Even in it's breaking-down shape, it is still more comfortable to sleep on than my daughter's cheaper mattress of the same brand. Comfort For the first few years. When we first got it, it was like sleeping on a cloud in Heaven. I couldn't wait to get into bed each evening. Over time, though, since the mattress cannot be flipped over, it begins to break down over time. It was a fairly expensive set, so this is a little disappointing. Support It provides a good balance of firmness and softness, with memory foam on its top. It is extremely comfortable for the first few years. Firmness I love that it is not too firm and not too soft. Durability Into the 5th year and it is breaking down where we sleep, causing a little discomfort in the wee morning hours.



Simmons Pillowtop King Mattress

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