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Simmons  Beautyrest Anniversary Kamilah Pillow Top Mattress

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Tempur Pedic pillow top two hot.


I purchased a Cal King Beauty rest pillow top, firm. I was advised to get the extra softness of the pillow top as firm may seem very hard. I did try them out in the showroom and liked the pillow top, however when I did use it regularly I discovered the tempur pedic top was very warm and I am not a fan of hot weather and find it difficult to sleep when it is to warm. The pillow top seemed to insulate the heat in this bed and I often awoke during the night feeling uncomfortably warm. I really wish I could have read some reviews at the time as I probably would have forgone the pillow top. I do love the firmness but cannot tolerate the tempur pedic. I no longer sleep on this mattress as it became to uncomfortably warm with many nights waking sweating and then the bedding would be damp. I advise anyone who has a problem with temperature to avoid the pillow tops made with the tempur pedic material.



Great - at 1st - but did not hold up and was not durable.


Like most folks who start searching for a new mattress, we had been have some pretty rough nights on our old one. My hips hurt and ached, my husband tossed and turned, we both had new aches and pains and could not sleep through the night. We shopped around and purchased the Simmons Beautyrest Kamilah Plush Firm Super Pillow Top. What a name! But what a mattress! We love it! We sleep through the night. The aches and pains have all but disappeared. No more hurting hips. It is absolutely wonderful! If you are needing a new mattress - PLEASE consider this one! It is awesome! Update - one year later - well, it was too good to be true. We started noticing "dips" in the mattress where we would sit with our backs against the headboard and watch TV - the "dips" came from the weight of our behinds. We rotated the mattress - no longer two dips - but four now! Called Ashley Furniture and they sent out someone to inspect it. He took a couple of pictures - no need to even measure it - because he could see the indentations so well. He said we could contact Ashley Furniture and get a replacement or a different style. Which is what we did. Can't say enough good about Ashley Furniture's customer service!!! We are now trying a memory foam mattress. We will see how it works. Durability W/in a year, we had four visibly obvious "dips" in our mattress from where we sat on the bed to watch TV. Not durable AT ALL!

Goodlettsville, TN


Simmons Beautyrest Anniversary Kamilah Pillow Top Mattress

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