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Signature Club A
Signature Club A Meltdown Cleansing Creme

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Best cleanser and remover anywhere


For those who don't know Adrienne Arpel is a legend in the makeup industry! Many others copy the products she develops. I have tried others but nothing compares to these jars of "meltdown" a funny name for the best face cleanser and makeup removers. They come in so many delicious scents you'll soon want more than 1, especially since there is matching body creams. She says for women over 40, but my 25 year old daughter who wears waterproof mascara everyday to work loves these. If I had only 1 negative, it's the jars are too big (so much for a small price) and the travel size is hard to find. Effectiveness A little goes a long way, goes on smooth with just a little on your finger. Easily takes off everyday dirt or stubborn makeup, even waterproof mascara, with just one sweep. Can wipe off with a tissue but I use a wet facecloth. My skin feels clean but not tight or greasy. Scent So many to choose from and the matching large jars of body cream and some toilette sprays make this a terrific experience. My favorites are is vanilla meringue and mandarin orange. Sometimes she offers a small trial pack with 5-6 scents.

Wimauma, FL


Wow! Removes even waterproof mascara!


I usually like a foaming face cleanser but decided to try these meltdowns, expecting them to remove makeup, but that I would have to follow up with another cleanser to get skin really clean. I decided to try it first without makeup and was very surprised when I could actually FEEL it cleaning. Only takes a small amount, but I could feel a light tingling (not irritating) feeling. The next day I tried it for removing makeup and it took off every bit of foundation, long wearing lip color, eye makeup and even waterproof mascara!! And it left my skin feeling soft, smooth, very clean, but not stripped of moisture and not greasy. After just a few uses I am hooked!! Ease of Application Massage on for a few seconds, allow to sit for 10 seconds, wipe off with damp wash cloth. DONE! Scent I got a four pack of different vanilla fragrances and they all smell natural and amazing!!

Port Charlotte, FL


Best make-up remover ever is the meltdowns from Signature Club A


This meltdown is absolutely the best make-up (especially eye make-up) remover I have ever bought.  It is actually a cleansing creme you put on your face and eyes for about ten seconds.  Then, you remove with a warm cloth or tissue or whatever you want to use.  The creme is not that expensive considering it lasts a real long time and it is also a mosturizer as well.  So, if you are like me, the fewer steps to your regimen the better and it also saves you money on expensive mosturizers too.  One of my favorite things about this meltdown is I do not have those nasty leftover mascara globs on my lashes the next morning.  You girls know what I'm talking about!!!  This is the only make-up remover that I have ever found that gets ALL the mascara off with the product.  As far as I know this product can only be bought on TV or on-line.  I'm sure you all know what TV programs I'm talking about.  There are only two of them that sell things on TV that I know about.  But I don't think I'm allowed to mention their names.

Oceana, WV


Signature Club A Meltdown Cleansing Creme

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