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Shop-Vac 971-01 Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum

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Gotta love a ShopVac


ShopVac makes awesome vacuums. I have used this model for both wet and dry vacuuming. It picks up water very well, but you definitely need to make sure the vacuum is cleaned out before attempting to vacuum liquid. Forunately, it is very easy to clean. As far as dry vacuuming, make sure the vacuum is cleaned out because it tends to fill quickly. When the vacuum starts feeling heavy, its time to clean it out. This vacuum will pick up the items that would break almost any other vacuum. It will get coins, nails, screws, cereal, dog and cat food, pet hair, bits of paper, etc. The only problem I have had with this vacuum is socks. A sock will plug the hose faster than anything else, and can be difficult to get back out. Socks tend to lodge themselves in the middle of the hose where it is hard to reach. Also, an extension cord might be helpful because the cord of the vacuum just doesn't have a long enough reach for my vacuum needs. Then again, I do use this vacuum for the whole house, not just a garage or basement. All in all, it is a good little vacuum.

Bay City, MI


It gets into area's my other vacuum can not.


This Shop vacuum has helped me to get into places I could not usually get into with my other vacuum. The extra pieces that you may have to purchase because it does not coming with the product is very helpful to get into the tight places. The power on it is better than my house vacuum. But the clean up is dirty and very messy for me since I try to save the filter for a couple more uses. I find it to be a little too bulky, but if stored in the garage it is out of the way. What I do not like most of all is that the attachments falls off the vacuum too often. I wish the cord was longer and could roll up out of the way like my house vacuum. Plus the noise is very loud.

Brooksville, FL


Shop-Vac 971-01 Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum

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