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Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex Paint

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Terrific product huge upgrade from the painter lines


We're in the middle of a 72 unit project and after the first 15 units were finished we change the cashmere Flat or eggshell for the walls, And medium roster for the trim,, I spray all the doors and it does a beautiful job two coats levels out nice even doesn't smell too bad really happy with the enamel job, the walls I'll get to go to any color in whatever finish the customer wants and it really covers well, much better than the cheaper lies it's probably $15 a gallon more than we were paying but worth every penny I would definitely recommend this product and I personally like it better than the super paint plus we buy so much we get a pretty nice price on it.

Buffalo NY


Thick as paste, terrible coverage, smooth finish


This is probably the thickest paint I have ever used. No exaggeration, it verges on the consistency of paste. I believe also the worst paint in terms of coverage I have ever used. I've painted red over white before, and that took five coats. But in this case we were painting gray and blue over a canary yellow, which should have been possible with two coats. Two coats wasn't even close, a third coat was almost there, and a fourth was needed to finish off some thin spots. Once done, the finish looks very good and smooth, but no way is it worth the trouble. And after this experience, I'm probably done with SW for good. I used to like their paints 20 years ago, but more and more I lately find myself either partly or completely disappointed.

Greenville, SC


Cashmere in question


Like the product and have been using throughout the house. My only but big complaint is poor coverage. I find that I must apply 2 coats regardless of the base paint to ensure complete coverage. I thought this only occurred in one room but found the same issue in all of the rooms I am painting. Will consider an alternative in the future


Strong odor


It's been two months since I painted my bathroom and there is still a strong odor from the Cashmere paint. Next time I am going to find a paint with less VOC's.

San Clemente,CA


Worth the extra money.


Sherwin-Williams Cashmere paint is excellent! I had to repaint a room after I used a horrible quality paint. I was determined to find a good quality paint after my first painting mishap in that room. The lady at Sherwin-Williams highly recommended this paint so I decided to give it a try. This paint is more expensive than other types but it is worth the extra cost! This paint went on very smoothly and it only took one coat. It only took a few hours and the paint was dry. I have had to scrub crayon and sticky messes off of the wall and the paint held up just fine. The walls in that room still look fantastic and it's been 3 years! The next time I am painting a room this paint will be my first choice. Quality I feel that this paint is much higher quality than other ones. Durability This paint is very durable. It can withstand scrubbing and will not chip if it is bumped with objects. Coverage It only took one coat of paint to cover the walls.



Good Product for the DIY


Sherwin Williams has quite a few high quality paint lines. Their Cashmere is just another one of these lines. What sets this one apart from their other lines, is that it self-levels itself on the wall. This is especially handy when you are trying to eliminate brush and roller marks. Also Cashmere is a very durable paint, that can hold up to moderate scrubbing. However, not everything is great about this product. There are a few set backs. Cashmere isn't the best covering paint. If you're wanting to do a big color change, I would opt for Super Paint instead. Also because of the self leveling additive, it does cause the roller to slide on the wall instead of roll. This can be a little frustrating at times. Overall Cashmere is a solid line of paint. Despite the cons, it does leave a nice finish, and is forgiving to us who aren't professional painters. Quality It's a high quality paint. It covers pretty good, and levels on itself. Durability Cashmere is very durable. It can be washed and scrubbed without burnishing. Coverage Cashmere doesn't cover as nicely as the Sherwin Williams Super Paint, but does do a better job than most of it's competition. Ease of Appliation Easy to apply, although sometimes the roller tends to slide on the wall rather than roll.



Excellent Product


You will be hard-pressed to find a paint that is as durable and as easy to apply as Sherwin Williams Cashmere Interior. We wait for the super-sale that they have several times a year. It glides on easily and it cleans well.

Millinocket, ME


SHW Cover the Earth is Awesome!!


This is hands down, the best paint we have ever used. It is low odor, dries quickly and is super durable. We decided to paint the house when the paint started looking ragged. New home construction is sprayed on and sometimes does not hold up. Of course this depends on the paint used as well. We painted the entire house with this paint approximately seven years ago. This paint has a lifetime warranty. It holds up when scrubbed. It has not faded at all. It looks like we just painted!! It touches up beautifully as well. It might seem that it is more expensive than some other brands, but when compared with how it holds up, it is well worth the money. I highly recommend this paint. Thanks Sherwin Williams!!

SmallTown, TX


Cashmere Medium Luster dries hard like an oil paint.


I had worked for Sherwin Williams for along time.  I tried alot of their products and really love this product.  It maintains its sheen after scrubbing it with a damp cloth and soap.  It cleans easily.    It dries in 4 hrs and within 24 hours to hard finish similar to an oil paint.  It has a smooth and creamy feel to it.  You can even do medium dark colors.  Although there are certain tints do fade more easily, I found out that the teal color I chose has not faded.  I did alot of experimenting with this product.  I wrote on the wall with a permanent marker, splashed spagetti sauce on it, and even had my granddaughter smear chocolate candy on the surface.   I let them all dry for 30 minutes, the only thing I used to clean them up with was soap and water and a towel.  The marker was the only thing that I had to scrub really hard with.  I lost a little of the sheen where the marker was.  I thought that if waited more than 24 hours the surface would take a little more scrubbing.  Still 8 years later, the sheen has retain its luster. Every day dirt and dust comes off easily.  The shiner the sheen the easier it is to clean.

Oakley, CA


easy smooth and looks great


I had used walmart interior  flat paint for the first coat and then wasn't able to get back to repainting the second coat for several weeks .. the walmart paint marked up easily and I couldn't get things to clean off without taking off all the paint.  I decided to look at different paints and found the sherwin williams cashmere.  I did the second coat with the cashmere paint and it went from just a paint job to making the walls look awesome.  the paint went on smooth and the paint job holds up so much better, it has been several weeks and no marks from the 4 year olds running up and down the hall.  i couldn't be happier!

Roseburg, OR


Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex Paint

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