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Behr Premium Plus Interior Paint

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Excellent Choice


When I went through my divorce I decided that I needed to fix up the house, I wanted to erase the bad memories and create some new ones. One of the major projects I took on was to paint the inside of the house. This Behr Premium Plus Interior Paint was recommended by the associate who sold me the paint. It was the mid range priced Behr paint, so it was reasonable. I am in no way a professional painter. I am in no way a pro at any kind of home repair. The Behr Premium Plus Interior Paint made it really easy to cover the old paint without more than one coat. In the living room, I covered a rather dark beige with a bright, light blue / green shade. I believe the shade is called Chrystal Garden. It came out amazingly well. The new color completely changed the look of the room, it really made it look much more open. The color came out perfect, it dried exactly as I expected it to. Some cheaper paints seem to dry darker than the paint chip you pick out in the store. This was not a problem with Behr. I would definitely, without any hesitation, recommend this paint to any ametuer painters looking to spruce up the house. Covering in one coat is such a huge bonus that I can't imagine anyone being unhappy with this paint. Yes, it is a mid range priced paint, reasonable but higher than some, but since you only need the one coat, a little goes a long way. I definitely feel like it's a good value.


Southfield, MI




Behr Premium Plus Interior Paint is very nice. It has great coverage and is very durable. We purchased this paint when we remodeled our living/family room last month. We are very satisfied with this purchase. It is not too expensive, and it looks great. We did not have to reapply it a lot like we did with other paints. Behr Premium Plus Interior Paint is very easy to apply too. My neighbor is a professional painter and first recommended that we buy Behr brand paints for our home. We are very glad we listened! My children helped paint the living/family room and they did a really good job! If you have ever wondered what brand of paint you should buy for your home, look no further! Buy Behr Premium Plus Interior Paint! It worked for us, and it will work for you too! Durability I love the durability of Behr brand paints and Behr Premium Plus Interior Paint is no exception! Coverage Covers everything very nicely! Ease of Appliation So easy a child can do it.




great product for the diy'er


great coverage, love this paint.colors are vibrant and stay true, easy clean-up of tools and finished walls. most of the time (depending on colors) i get one coat coverage with no bleed through. gave it 4 instead of 5 only because on heavily textured walls it will require 2 coats to fill all the nooks and crannies




first time painting was made easy using behr


I helped my granddaughter paint her first home livingroom, colors gray and red (i mean fire engine red). I was very pleased with the product we choose for one coat coverage. Behr delivered and then some. I couldn't belief to "no paint" smell. Clean up was a breeze with soap and water. On to the next room...but that's for the next visit.


Arkadelphia, AR


Easy to use!!!


My husband and I recently bought a house.  It is an older house and has been empty for a while.  We decided that the whole house needs to be remodeled. This included 2 kids bedrooms as well So of course when it comes to paint I thought of Behr paint.  I absolutely love this stuff!  It is so easy to use.  I love the eggshell because it looks just like velvet on my walls.  It is easy to get things off the wall.  Which is great considering that I have 2 kids that know how to ruin anything.  It does take 2 coats to be able to cover very well but afterwards it looks wonderful.  I have done the whole house with this paint in various colors.    We had a lot of different problems that we had to cover up with paint including glue from paneling that was put over the sheet rock but it looks great now that we have put the Behr paint over it. I would not even try to use any other paint in my house!!  I would definately recommend this paint to anyone who needs good quality paint and has a lot of traffic in their house.


Hixson, TN


Paint and Peel? Not in my home!


When deciding to redo my bathroom, we opted for Behr Indoor Paint.  Water-based, easy to clean the painted surface, easy to clean the mess after painting. Little did I know that Behr has a unique product.  After it dries you can easily peel it from your walls!  I'm not sure about other homeowners, but this was not what I was looking for!  After hours spent re-painting my bathroom, days later I discover that I am going to have to do it again!  Needless to say the paint purchased and waiting to go in my bedroom, will be going back to the store... My parents also had this problem with Behr paint, and they contacted Behr (Masco Corp.) and were told that it must have been a bad batch, and they were refunded the money directly from Behr.  My husband has worked in a paint-producing factory, and I just want to know at what point did Behr fail to test the product before putting it on the market?  Obviously, quality control mean nothing to this company!


House Springs, MO


Behr paint is easy to use and looks great


I have painted several rooms in my house and I have always used Behr paint. It is easy to apply to the wall and looks nice.  I would recommend Behr paint to all of my friends. I have used the Behr paint website and found the website very user friendly and helpful. I liked putting the paints colors together, to determine which color best suits my tastes. I will continue to use Behr paint throughout my house.  I love using Behr paint, the paint ahears to the walls and dries evenly. I rarely have to apply a second coat.  They have a wide selection of paint colors. I have never had a problem with Behr and finding the paint color that I like. My next project will be to paint my screened in porch floor and I plan on using Behr paints.  I have also used Behr products to stain and refurnish my deck.  The deck still looks good after all of these years. Behr paints are affordable on a very tight budget.  It is easy to find a qood paint.  


Hillsborough, NC


ultra smooth & easy latex painting with behr


along the line of my job as efficiency staff specialist, i also enjoy my home well-organized & the best healthy living condition.  traditionally, a month prior to each spring & fall, i like to  make necessary reorganization & home improvements. since our flat's the first level of a 1909 multi-flat building, sunlight is obstructed to my interiors.  i decided to brighten interior by changing the current yellow to pure white. before tackling  my job, i researched on the best paint product. currently**  home depot's "behr paint"** products came up on the listing. not familar with this brand, i purchased 1 regular latex size can & several "green" sponge roller brushes to paint my bathroom. on the the first day of the job, an overalling clean-up to bathroom surfaces.  the 2nd day,  the actual paint job begins.  the 1st coat was smooth, applied well to the surface, covering the yellow on first coat, quickly dried & really easy clean-up to oopsey spillages.  not one on 1 coats, i applied a 2nd coat in the evening.  the final coat on the 3rd day. completed an excellent paint job & much better than the professionals my husband hired to paint the flat originally.  pros like to rush their jobs, but i take my time to give a proud finished look. conclusion to this paint job, but not the end but a beginning.  returned to home depot to purchased more behr paints & supplies to paint the rest of my home.  my family & friends jokingly call its white house, but just as snow reflects light, so does white paint to brighten what was a dark flat. good fengshui, adding more yang (bright) cutting the yin (dark).  also an added plus, behr has a lifetime guarantee!!


San Francisco, CA


Great coverage, easy application


As a professional decorative painter, I have worked with many product lines of paint. Behr is one of the best. It goes on smoothly, covers well...but ya ALWAYS need TWO coats (no such thing as one coat..no matter what they say). I like the eggshell sheen.  Smudges wash off easily. The product is 100% acrylic, therefore, a hard surface that prevents smudges or stains from imbedding easily.


Kalamazoo, MI


saving a step is worth the extra money


My husband and I purchased a home last year and the previous owners LOVED accent walls. We used Behr primer and paint in one in several rooms and loved it. The fact that it saves a step without having to prime was totally worth the extra money. In our situation, it was cheaper to buy the paint and primer in one can rather than one can of paint and one can of primer. One of the walls was a deep red and Behr paint and primer in one worked so well on that dark color...I think I had to do two coats on it, but you often have to with paint, so I didn't mind. The second room had a bright orange accent wall and he used one can of paint to paint the entire room. I would definitely buy this product and recommend it to a friend.


Greer, SC


Behr Premium Plus Interior Paint

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