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Shed Pal Cordless Pet Vac

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shed the shed pal


I have never seen such a lousy product in my life! 1. The advertising was completely deceptive. The television ad shows the device turning as you draw back with the brush down the length of the animal. But the warning label in the box says to never turn on the device while you are brushing. Only use the vacuum part at the end of the stroke to pick up the hair that has been loosened. 2. The brush doesn't. I tried the shed pal on all three dogs and five cats in my household. The brush did not penetrate the fur at all. It just gently slid down on top of the fur. Petting the animals removed more hair than the shed pal did. 3. The vacuum is too loud and doesn't have enough oomph to do the job. I used the brush on our most placid animal, the one that nevers gets in a snit. She completely flipped out. She won't move for the big Dyson vac, but she could not get away from the shed pal fast enough. 4. I did not follow directions. After all the experimenting, I tried the device as shown in the advertising, it made no difference. I don't know what animals this product was tested on, but it does not work on the average pet.

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Shed Pal Cordless Pet Vac

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