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Sharp - EL-334 Solar Cell Calculator

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Had mine 31 Years and still going strong!!


This was a 21st Birthday present from my then girlfriend, I am now 52, so have been using old faithful for nearly 32 years, needless to say its been great. what a fantastic product, thats all I have to say. PS I also still have the box, how sad :-)


Kent, United Kingdom


Sharp EL-334 Solar Cell Calculator is 100% reliable


I can't even remember when I bought my Sharp Elsi Mate EL-334 calculator, I just know I've had it forever and it's always worked great! It is a solar cell calculator with battery back up, so it's always ready to go. I never have to plug it in, or put it under the light to work. It says on the back it uses a 1.5 volt battery, but I've never had to change it. Some of the features: It automatically powers off when not in use. It has a small flip out "leg" on the back for slanting upwards a little when you use it, if you want. It has basic keys, nothing too fancy - 0-9, decimal, percent key, Memory keys, plus, minus, divide, multiply, square root, clear, and clear entry (for clearing the last entry you put in, not the whole equation). It is 6" x 4", lightweight with half inch buttons. I think this is a great calculator for light work or for a child to use for homework or schoolwork. It's nice and lightweight for a child's backpack, and very dependable.


Sherwood, OR


Sharp - EL-334 Solar Cell Calculator

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