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Aquos HDTV - Beautiful picture


Whether it is for watching the latest show, or gathering up all your friends to watch the big game, this television will not disappoint. It has a crisp, clear picture, and a very nice size, you can watch it from almost any angle. The picture quality on this television is very nice, it rivals that of any other television. It is particularly good for watching sports. Once you experience the game in high definition, standard definition simply will no longer be good enough for you. Even when it's not in use, this television is a very attractive piece in the room, and it has made my house a very popular gathering spot for all the must-see events and shows on television. The sound on this television is also of great quality, a very loud, clear sound. If you are looking for a high definition television around this size, you should definitely consider this one. This is a purchase that I have absolutely no regrets about.

North Richland Hills, TX


We are happy with the Sharp AQUOS


I have been wanting to upgrade our 32 inch television for a while. Our couch is positioned too far away and it was getting harder to read captions. When I was searching, this television was given good ratings with a great energy use.  I'm very satisfied with the picture quality, especially with high definition. We were using a Playstation 3 for a while for Blu Ray discs, but since then, my husband has bought a home theater system (I think it's Panasonic). He did not like the sound quality of the Sharp Aquos, and wanted the upgrade. I, however, see that the home theater is nice but the original sound did not bother me as much as it did for him. We do not have high definition cable channels with this television because I think it is overpriced for something we don't watch a lot. We do get high definition for local channels, and I can tell the diifference between the regular channel and the high definition. The energy use has been about the same as our old television.

Brighton, CO


Fantastic TV!


As someone who is an avid gamer, I can tell you that Sharp Aquos Tv's are probably the best LCD tv's for gaming nowadays, in line with gaming on Plasma sets. The biggest problem with LCDs is input lag - many tvs (Samsung, Sony, LG) have a lot of post processing that goes on which delays the signal from your gaming console until it's displayed on your TV - as a result, you're fractions of a second behind the action, which in a competitive multiplayer game, could mean the difference. The Sharp has virtually no input lag at all - measured at around 16ms, which is completely indiscernable.  This was probably the largest draw to the TV for me.  I don't care about all of the post processing stuff like 120HZ (which just make the picture unnatural to my eyes anyway) or all of the contrast changes.  I just want a TV that gives a great looking picture without any additives, and this was a TV that did it.  It has great color and brightness, and displays with great picture quality all of my xbox 360 games and Blurays. Overall, I cannot think of anything on this TV that has been negative, minus the 10 second turn-on time.  It's LED, meaning it will give good color levels and use less power, and it was easy to mount onto my TV stand.

Flemington, NJ




the sharp aquos flat panel lcd tv, is great. i recntly bought one at the beginning of the year, quite pricy but it was well worth it, the blue ray dvds shine on this tv, along with the amazing sound from the tv with the added boost of surround sound, makes the highlight of my day sitting around this beautiful tv and watching some beautiful high quality movies.

Marathon, NY


sharp aquas lc-52 is a really great tv i am the proud owner


the **Sharp AQUOS LC-52LE700 52 in. HDTV Tv is a realy great tv i am the very proud owner of one,. Nothing beats coming home watch the game on my 52 inch and just relaxing. When it comes to watching movies theres nothing like it from sound to color not to mention the great picture all around its a great tv!**

Beverly Hills, CA


this Sharp AQUOS HDTV was a smart choice for me.


I had just been able to get rid of that old 19 inch tv and purchase a new sharp HD tv I was not sure if i would know how to work the HD tv, but after working with it for a while i got the hang of things. .Although I am not really good with the new high tech equipment, I am still getting use to working this new tv. I will say this i love the way it shows a good picture The picture comes in really clear. I have to admit that the sound is very good as well. It is extremely clear, i don't have any static or noise when listening.I have paid a good  price for good quality. I think that i spent my money very wisely. there is one thing that i have found,and that's the mounting brackets,it is not big enough. I don't know why they would have such high tech equipment and install a bracket that's not large enough. I think that i will enjoy this tv much better. the size of the screen is much better than the one i had before.

Smithville, GA



4.8 6