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Sharp 900 Watts Convection Microwave Oven

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Quality microwave


I have had this microwave for awhile now and it's great! I haven't had any problems with it. It's very simple to use. So easy in fact that my 3 children aged 3,5 and 6 are able o figure out how to heat something up. The two functions I use the most often are defrost and the heating. The only issue I have had is sometimes there are some sparks if the unit hasn't been cleaned properly (obviously my issue) but it just makes a buzzing sound and I am able to fix it quickly. It heats quickly usually to the lowest amount time needed to heat the product. I am very satisfied with this microwave and if another was needed would purchase the same model again. Ease of Use It's an easy product to use. It's self explanatory for the most part. Durability It has held up well over the years.


Bladenboro, NC


Best Microwave we've owned!


We have used several different brands of microwaves and finally bought one of our own in our first apparent. Our first microwave worked but little did we know that it was a cheap inexpensive pile of junk. We learned this the hard way like most people do and then we gifted this Sharp microwave. I didn't know what a microwave could do before this! Its amazing. Our food gets hot almost instantly. Its amazing to have a microwave that actually cooks your food in the amount of time specified! We've had this microwave awhile now and has been put through two moves so it is very durable and well worth the money if you need/want something that is actually going to last. We were very lucky to have received such a nice item as a gift and would definitely recommend this to anyone who asked!


Phoenix, AZ


Sharp R-820JS microwave was an excellent purchase


The Sharp R-820JS .9 cubic foot grill convection oven is one of my best kitchen purchases. In this day and age we are all so busy that we don't have time to do half the things we want to do, let alone come in from work and cook a full blown meal for the family. I won't go as far as to say this microwave solves that problem, but I will say it certainly helps. It especially helps when cooking baked potatoes! I used to only eat baked potatoes from the oven because I didn't like them in the microwave, but with this microwave, I pop them in for 5-10 minutes (depending on their size) and they're done! Sometimes I pop them in the oven to crisp them up a bit, but this still cuts down my waiting time by over an hour and most importantly, they taste just as good as if they were cooked in the oven for an hour and a half! Plus, in comparison to microwaves on the market nowadays, it's not even that much more expensive. Definitely a worthwhile investment!**** ****


Auburndale, MA


nice sized microwave


The Sharp R-820JS 900 watt convection/microwave oven is a nice sized microwave that will fit lots of different sized pans and does a great job of being extremely efficient in cooking your food quickly and thoroughly.  The dimmensions on this microwave are about 22 inches by 25 inches by 19 inches, so this is definitely a good sized kitchen appliance.  What is nice is that since the product is tagged as a convection/microwave oven, it does a nice job of fulfilling this promise with its 1500 watt grilling option.  You are able to set the cooking temperature up to 425 degrees as a result which allows you to eliminate a lot of actual oven time.  I very rarely use my oven anymore and instead rely on the convection oven features on this microwave.  It definitely is a great value if you are using it for both functions, and I cannot think of any reason why you would not take advantage of both cooking options!


Coaldale, CO


Sharp R-820JS - Great convection oven / microwave combo


We went with this microwave / convection oven combo after our previous microwave died with a literal bang (complete with smoke).  It basically can function as either a microwave or a convection oven.  The pizza setting is fantastic for a quick frozen pizza - cooks much faster than warming up the oven, and comes out nice and crispy.  It is also handy for baking french fries, fish - the kinds of things you cannot microwave well but turn out fantastic in a toaster oven.  One thing to keep in mind - to microwave popcorn, you have to put the popcorn on top of an upside down glass pie plate or something like that to elevate it - the microwave emitters are higher than normal (I think to avoid the metal heating elements underneath). A lot of negative reviews of this on other sites reflect complaints about the popcorn issue.  Once you elevate the popcorn it cooks fine.  My wife didn't know this until I did some searching, so for about 6 months she didn't do popcorn in it!


Midland, MI


The Sharp Convection Microwave Oven cooks itself.


The Sharp Convection Microwave R930AK-P is the great product.  It just about cooks by itself.  It broils on both sides at once and makes the most delicious baked potatoes.  It defrosts, and has alot of other features that keeps you from just about never using your stove.   Haven't found anything that it can't cook. If you just want to use the microwave part it cooks fast and with the convection being part of it, leaves your food cooked perfectly and very moist.  Have had one for over 15 years and wouldn't want to live without it.   


Janesville, WI


A Convection Microwave at a Great Price


We received the Sharp Grill 2 Convection microwave oven as a wedding present in 2008. Now, in 2010, it still works perfectly-- which is more than I can say for some previous microwaves I've owned! The microwave can be used as a regular microwave or as a convection oven. It comes with a grilling rack to be used when you're using it as a convection oven, and a turntable for both microwave and convection use. There are a decent number of presets for both microwave and convection use. For example, you can press the "grill" button, choose if you want to grill just the top or the top and the bottom of the item on the rack, and choose how long you want to grill it for. Or, you can press one of the automatic cooking buttons, choose the item (there's a guide that comes with the microwave, as well as a list inside the door to the microwave). The only thing that would make this microwave a 5 star in my opinion would be a little more square footage inside. With the grill rack in, you really don't have that much room to grill anything taller than 4 or so inches.


Tucson, AZ


Sharp 900 Watts Convection Microwave Oven

4.7 7