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R-1871, R-1874, R-1872
Sharp 850 Watts Convection Microwave Oven

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We have an older conventional oven in our home that we are not ready to replace yet. Our solution to this is this super Sharp convection/microwave from Sharp. This Sharp Convection/microwave has a durable turntable-- which means for me cooking-- no cold spots! My food cooks evenly. I have cooked ALL kinds of foods in this Sharp Convention/microwave- from baked potaoes, to lasagne, muffins, popcorn and a Thanksgiving turkey breast-- all the food comes out great! The Sharp Convection microwave/Convection oven key pad is easy to figure out. Furthermore-- it is easy to clean. The inside of this Sharp microwave/convenction oven is stainless& also easy to clean - I have put the turntable in the dishwasher numerous times and it comes out great! My Sharp convestion microwave is black with a stainless interior. So in short-- GREAT product-- does it's job and it's easy to clean. I've had mine over 2 years now-- and it's going strong.


New York, NY


Sharp R-1871 850 Watts Convection / Microwave Oven


There are some faults in this model, that I think Sharp should've done better, so it only got 4 starts: The menu system could be better. E.g. the Start button on most microwaves also serves as 'Add minute' or 'Add 30sec', but here it would not do anything - one has to use dedicated 'Add minute' button. I got used to it, but my guests can't easily find this button. The fan is very very loud. It has two speeds, but even with reduced speed, it is very loud. It does not look extremely powerful either. The range light is generated by two small incandescent bulbs. I would expect energy efficient fluorescent lamps or LEDs for this high-end oven. They could've perfectly fit a long tube there, but have instead put old unefficient incandescent bulbs. The interior is stainless steeel, but it is not very smooth, so it takes some effort to clean the microwave


Creola, OH


built to last


When a new microwave was on my Christmas wish list the other year. I never expected to receive this particular one. All I wanted was a simple on the counter microwave. Instead I received this over the range mounted Sharp microwave! It is used every day. Everyone in the family and all of our guests that pas in and out of the house every day have been known to use it. We mainly use it to heat things  up but my kids like to make popcorn in it. In fact, it even has a popcorn setting! You can safely thaw a variety of foods in it as well. In fact it has programmable features that will allow you to thaw frozen items at a temperature that is specific for them. You can roast and bake in this microwave as well. I have tried it a couple of times to make different microwaveable desserts by Betty Crocker but my family was not too thrilled with the outcome. The product does require elbow grease to clean. It is white and really needs to be cleaned often.


Lancaster, NY


Sharp 850 Watts Convection Microwave Oven

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