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Sharp 1200 Watt 2.0 Cubic Feet Carousel Microwave Oven 510DK

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Absolutely Amazing


This is my favorite microwave ever. I have had a lot of microwave experience, with in laws and extended family, and this is by far the best microwave there ever has been in my opinion. Performance It defrosts quickly and thoroughly, no frozen and unfrozen spots. Re-heating and cooking times are fast as well. I've rarely had to put something in a second time to cook or defrost. Settings/Features The potato timer and popcorn timer are perfect! I have never had a problem with either of these features, and we use them all the time. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to wipe off any exploded messes, in those cases that the kids forget to use the microwave topper. And general cleaning is a breeze too. No nooks and crannies that food gets stuck in. Ease of Use My 3 year old can use it! With supervision of course, but he knows which buttons will pop the popcorn and gets a big kick out of pushing the button and watching the bag inflate. Durability We have moved twice with this microwave, and had it in storage for 5 months at one point, and it has never had a hiccup or failure. It has been with me for about 3 years, and I bought it from an appliance store, where the owner used it as his personal microwave for a few years too. Design I love how big it is on the inside! Some microwaves say it is x amount of cubic feet inside, but when you open them up, they just don't seem to measure up. I like a spacious microwave that can tackle anything I throw into it. And this one does!

Fort Knox, KY


This has been a good working and big Microwave, and strong.


We were looking for the kind you had the option of mounting under a cabinet, but could not find one. Just the hood ones for over the range. Been happy with this model, it's nice not having to rotate the food like our other model that stopped working. This one is very powerful, strong like Bull! So far we have been pleased with how the ***Sharp Carousel Model No R-510Hk*** ***1200 watts*** cooks. The glass plate comes out for easier clean up. I've never had a Microwave that spun the food around, always had to do it the old fashion way turn the food. But then again this is only my second one, and looking forward to lasting me quiet awhile. I wish a company would make one for under the cabinet, seems like those are only Hood ones for over the range. Who knows maybe down the line when I hit the lottery or a Kitchen makeover I'll be lucky enough to have one. ;~)  I know keep on dreaming, nothing wrong with that, a girl can dream!

Somewhere in Time, MI


Sharp 1200 Watt 2.0 Cubic Feet Carousel Microwave Oven 510DK

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