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Serta  Vera Wang Pillow Top Mattress

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Not worth it!


We used to be brand loyal to serta mattress. Prior to buying the Vera Wang king size, we had the perfect sleeper, which had the perfect sleeper. We assumed that the Vera Wang was an upgrade, but within 6 months, it had a small indentation. However, we didn't complained because we just received a job assignment to Europe. We put the mattress in storage as it is difficult to find a rental home that can accommodate a king size mattress. We've been back to the US for over a year and have been using our Vera Wang king size mattress. We have a big indent (we are not heavy people, 130 & 195 lbs) and find it uncomfortable. We are now looking for a new mattress but due to this experience, lost trust and confidence in Serta's product!



After only 1 week, serta firm pillowtop showing indentations!


I purchased a Vera Wang foam mattress in August 2010. After 1 month I could see indentations forming in my king sized mattress. I continued to try to resolve the problem by rotating, and even using the mattress rotated at only 90 degrees (feet and head now at the sides) Finally at six months, I complained to the store, America's Mattress, and someone came to measure the indent. It was minimally short of the 1.5 inches warranty coverage, but the franchise owner agreed to exchange out the mattress for any other in the store at the same price. I was pleased and I chose Vera Wang's Firm Pillow Top Mattress (Rosette model). After only 1 week, it is already showing the beginnings of the indents! Frustrated, I phoned the store and explained the problem. After speaking to the manager, it was explained that indentation was normal and that it is expected especially in the King size! I have been using King mattresses for over 30 years and this is the first time I have ever had issues like this with a mattress so early in the game! I was told that I should call back "if" it gets to 1.5 inches and I corrected her, saying, "you mean 'when' it gets to that point!"

Duluth, GA


Terrible Product - horrible customer service - Avoid Serta


I am writing regarding the Vera Wand Mattress sold by Serta. This is the worst Mattress I have ever had. Within couple Months it began to sag and now has all the comfort of sleeping in a canoe. Both my wife and I who have never had back or neck problems now wake-up each morning stiff and soar. This is a horrible quality product with Vera Wang's name on it. Please see the numerous one star reviews all making the same claims - I only wish I had found these before my unfortunate purchase. While some reviewers may have given 4 or 5 starts, read carefully, they purchased the foam version, not the inner spring, or have owned their mattress for a very short time. All reviews regarding the inner spring product are uniformly negative; mattress sags quickly and becomes uncomfortable/painful. To add insult to injury Serta refuses to provide warranty support, their warrantee is basically useless, even though it claim 20 years. They simply refuse to do anything regarding this defective merchandise. Serta is the only bed manufacturer with an F rating from the Better Business Bureau because of warrantee issues. One assumes you did some vetting before applying the Vera Wang name to a product - but this product, the inner spring mattress, is expensive crap. And I now no longer trust the Vera Wang label as a standard of quality. Rather, it is now synonymous with being ripped-off for over priced crap and poor customer service. I spent a lot for this mattress and in the end we may just have to eat it. You should pull the Vera Wang name from this product or any association with Serta. You should openly state that Serta is producing low quality merchandise which does not live up to the Vera Wang name or expectations of quality, and criticize Seta for its poor treatment of customers (in the Name of Vera Wang). I encourage you to acknowledge the experience of customers - your customers who view Vera Wang as standard of quality - as being treated inappropriately by Seta. Openly state that the product DOSE NOT meets Vera Wang quality standards and that Vera Wang no longer endorses this product. Openly distance yourself from Serta and this product to help Vera Wang customers who have been ripped-off by Serta in your name gain some recompense in their attempts to be treated fairly and compensated for what is undeniably a defective product - you just have to look at the thing to see the body impressions. BTW - my wife and I are not over weight. I am 6' and 190lbs, my wife is 5'6'' and 115 lbs. Our body weights should be supported by this product. If I sound a little grumpy, it because I have not a good nights sleep for some months now. Comfort Neck, shoulder and back pain Support none, sags within a couple nonths Firmness Starts fim then breaks down within a few months Durability breaks down within a few months

Redondo Beach, CA


Body impressions started within 1 week


I loved the Vera Wang Natural Charm mattress (a king) the first few nights.  Felt like I was sleeping on a cloud.  However, I'm a side sleeper.  My husband didn't like it since he sleeps on his stomach and it made his neck hurt (The mattress is very soft.)  Within the first week, though, we both started noticing the indentations where we sleep.  Now it's been a month, and those impressions have deepened.  We tried sleeping in the middle to even out the indentation but we keep rolling to our normal sleeping positions.  I called the furniture store where I got them and they will send a technician out.  I'm prepared for the standard line - that with a pillowtop, those impressions are normal.  But how do hotels manage?  I don't see big valleys in their mattresses.  Is the solution to avoid pillowtops completely, go with a very firm mattress and use replaceble mattress toppers instead?  Or to use a TempurPedic?

Evergreen, CO


Vera Wang's pillow top matresses are a God send.


Vera Wang's pillow top queen sized mattresses are extremely great for married couples, singles, teens, pregnant women, pre-teens, the elderly, people with back pains and problems and the like. This bed literally hugs and soothes you to sleep! Money well spent with this product in my opinion! I bought one for my myself as well a my sister back in 2007 and it was one of the most comfortable and smartest decisions I have ever made in my entire life. The feel of this bed is, of course, pillowy and smooth to the touch. No matter how long or short my days are, I always look forward to resting on my Vera Wang pillow top mattress! Regardless of the humidity it seems to always stay cozy. It's extremely spacious! So just in case you and your husband/wife have children that get frightened by the seldom bump in the night, you wont even notice your little munchkins climbing in bed! Even if your sweetie hogs the covers, it's ok! So long as he/she doesn't hog your space. This bed is definitely worth the bucks! Go to a warehouse & try one out before you buy it!A greats Night sleep? Guaranteed.

Memphis, TN


Serta Vera Wang Pillow Top Mattress

2.0 5