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Scotts Patchmaster Sun & Shade Mix - 15 lbs. - 14920

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Scott's Patch Master is a joke.


My boyfriend and I just recently bought a home. It needed some work outside. We had some bad areas of grass or areas that no grass was in that we needed to fill. We tried just seed but it wasn't working. We decided to try Scott's Patch Master.  After about a week and I didn't see a thing.  The funny part is when you look at it, it is just bad seed, newspaper and what looks like drier lint.  I found this product to be a huge waste of money. I still have areas, after 2 months of watering, that just has what looks like drier lint laying in my lawn and no grass growing from it. In this economy I need something that my money is going to be good towards and Scott's Patch Master is not something I would invest my money into again.

New Baltimore, MI


Scotts Patchmaster Sun & Shade Mix - 15 lbs. - 14920

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