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Scotts Soils Mg Organic Choice Potting Mix 8 Quart - 72978650

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Beautiful material


Although this is my first ever garden so this is my first ever soil choice, I am super happy with this soil. So far all of my plants are a deep beautiful green and they are getting huge and beautiful! I also love the smell and the feel and the deep color of this soil. The only thing I really dislike about it is the thick sticks often found in it.


San Marcos, TX


Best Organic alternative I could find


I practice organic gardening and was looking for a potting soil that didn't contain all the Miracle Grow fertilizers.  This was the only thing I could find in my local big box stores so I gave it a shot. It's more expensive than the typical potting soil, but I was pleased with the results.  The soil is not very fine, meaning it has a lot of rough materials in it, but I think the plants are faring well and it seems to do a great job of holding moisture.  I mixed it with vermiculite to use in some hanging baskets (to make it lighter) and have had good results. I would prefer to pay a little less, because presumably it would be less expensive to use naturally composted materials with no added chemicals, but what can you do?  After about two months you need to start feeding the plants with compost tea or another liquid organic fertilizer but that's to be expected. I do think you could probably come up with an equivalent material if you were doing your own composting but this is great for the person who doesn't have the room/ability to have their own compost pile.


Ona, WV


Mg Organic is the only potting soil I use.


The scott company has done it again with the new Soils Mg Organic Choice Potting Mix.  All my friends were telling me about the benifets of organic gardening but I didn't have the time untill scott came out with their Mg Organic Choice line now even I can grow Organic. 


Highlands, NC


Scotts Organic Choice Potting Mix is the perfect planting medium


This product is the perfect potting medium for your container garden as well as a great seed starting soil. Your seedlings will thrive without further additives until they are transplanted into your garden beds.


Ann Arbor, MI


Outstanding Performance!


I had just began testing out organic gardening on our farm of 10 years when the economy hit us and we had to move. After a couple of years renting, we finally settled into a home in the city limits on something like .025 of an acre. I had seen excellent results from my newly found organic practice and wanted to start where I left off however our property was lacking the arrangements for composting or livestock. I searched to find alternative means of continuing when I came accross Organic Choice Potting Mix at our local Lowe's. After reading the packaging and considering the cost, I decided to give it a try. I prepaired a sunny flowerbed in our backyard by trenching out the soil where each of my tomato plants would be placed, well below the roots, then replaced it with the Organic Choice Potting Mix. I continued on to where my rows of beans and hills for cucumber seeds would be placed as well. After only a few days the tomato plants where thriving wonderfully and the beans and cucumber seeds were already jumping up well before their due dates. I was amazed at how well this product worked in comparison to the actual "do-it-yourself" organic material. I didn't even have to use and spend out money on any additional fertilizers. I loved the end results so much I have already purchased my Organic Choice Potting Mix for this gardening season! This product costs only a few quarters in change more than the standard mix so I highly recomment splurging on this exceptional product.


Georgetown, KY


Organic Choice Potting Mix Provides Perfect Mixture Combo


I will admit that I do not have the greenest thumb and it can be hit or miss for me when it comes to houseplants and gardening.  I try to go "green" when I can and choose products that reflect my lifestyle and budget.  Therefore, I picked up Organic Choice Potting Mix when I decided to re-pot several of my houseplants that were doing poorly.  Guess what?  My plants are thriving and beautiful now.  I also used the mix when I decided to start seeds indoors for my outdoor container garden for the season.  My broccoli, peas, and lettuce are doing amazing and look so strong and healthy.  I also I love the mixture or the peat moss and bark- it is "chunky" and rich looking.  It is not processed or "cheap" and retains just the right amount of water so my plants don't get too much or too little.  I decided to choose the Organic Choice Potting Mix because I care about what soil my plants grow in.  This gives me the choice of choosing the healthiest and safest alternative when it comes to growing food for my family.  It is a great choice when it comes to quality and price.


Watertown, NY


Great to be able to grow organic!


It's great to be able to have an organic potting soil.  We purchased this at Menards on lake cook road.  (which is a great place to show!)  The potting soil was used for seedlings of pepper plants, and 3 different varieties of tomato plants.  The tomato plants started growing in only 3 days!  The germination was supposed to be 7-10 days, but they start really quickly.  The potting soil holds the moisture really well.  Just need to water the plants every 2-3 days, and they stay very moist.  The plants are growing very well.  Hopefully the plants will continue to grow well after we transplant them to the outside.  We are really glad that we were able to find an organic potting soil.  There are so many chemicals in many of the other potting soils.  One of the major attractions for us in growing our own vegetables, is that we can avoid all the chemicals from typical produce purchased at the local grocery store.  Buying organic vegetables can be so expensive, that growing our own in our own organic garden is a much more economical way to go!


Palatine, IL


Scotts Soils Mg Organic Choice Potting Mix 8 Quart - 72978650

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