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Scotchgard Pet Care Carpet & Rug Protector

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It's okay.


I generally like Scotchgard products so I figured I would give the Scotchgard Pet Care Carpet and Rug Protector a try. As usual it's good for cleaning messes out of your carpet. However, I do not find that it's really protects my carpet any more than the normal Scotchgard carpet cleaner. I'm pretty sure it's the exact same product but they just included the "pet care" in the name to get additional people to purchase their product. If you spill something quickly dab it up with a towel and then apply Scotchgard Pet Care Carpet and Rug Protector to the area. The stain will quickly come up. It works the same way as most carpet cleaners in that sense. One good thing about the product is it doesn't leave your carpet crunchy or anything like that where you spray it. I'm not sure how it does it but you can't even tell you use it on the area. When I have spills in the same area this product does lessen how much stain there is. But it doesn't really do it any better than the normal product. Like I stated above I'm pretty sure this is the exact same product as their original. It's a pretty good cleaner but it's kind of a gimmick. This is an okay product but it's claims are a little exaggerated.



Great protection against pet oops!


I am a big fan of Scotchgard products. I have used them for decades to protect items in my home and auto. The product claims a triple action protection that includes the ability to repel liquids, the ability to block pet stains and the ability to resist soil. For me using a can of Scotchgard Pet Care Carpet and Rug Protector wasn't any different than using the regular carpet spray. Neither product changed the look or feel of my rugs. Both products help place an invisible barrier against dirt and grime that makes it easier to clean the rugs- just a quick vacuum and things look as good as new. Performance I found the description interesting because it sounded a lot like regular Scotchgard carpet protection. I figured there must be an additional ingredient to make it more pet friendly but I have yet to discover what that ingredient might be. I did discover after using it, however, that the petcare Scotchgard comes out in a fine foam whereas the regular Scotchgard just sprays a fine mist. I don't see an advantage to either. I'm not sure that the Scotchgard Pet Care Carpet and Rug Protector is any different from regular Scotchgard carpet protection. What I am sure of is that they both work. That's a good thing.

Northern, FL


Scotchgard Pet Care Carpet & Rug Protector

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