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Schiff Probiotic Acidophilus

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Schiff Probiotic Acidophilus helps relieve gas,bloating


Schiff Probiotic acidophilus helps to relieve occasional gas,bloating,and upset stomach.It also helps with digestion.Schiff Probiotic acidophilus is a form of healthy bacteria.This healthy bacteria is very good for digestive support.It also helps with womens issues,like fighting bad bacteria that cause yeast infections.my husband and I use Schiff probiotics acidophilus mainly for digestive support.When taken after meals we noticed that we have less gas and bloating.schiffs probiotic acidoplilus even helps with upset stomach and heartburn.Studies of this product recommend 1 billion or more  live cells for optimal functioning of the digestive tract.Schiffs probiotic acidopilus gurantees 1 billion live cells per tablet through product life.For best results take one tablet once or twice daily.This is a natural product and does not contain any added sugar(sucrose,frutose,or lactose)no salt,yeast,wheat,or gluten.

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Schiff Probiotic Acidophilus

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