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Sauder American Cherry TV Stand

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This is a heavy-duty, sturdy, practical stand for a TV and more.


I bought my first flat-screen TV and realized I needed a place to put it where neither I nor my cat would be likely to damage it. I couldn't see paying a premium price to have a couple of guys wall-mount it. Most stands seemed to be about two feet tall--too low for a bedroom TV. I finally found this one, described as a 'TV Stand for Most 32" TVs and Some 36" TVs', but I have to think that refers to conventional tube TVs. It's fine for my 37" LCD TV, because its base is much smaller than the TV stand's width (35.5"). I'd think this stand could be used for even larger flat-screen TVs.My boyfriend volunteered to put the stand together. It was much more complicated than anything I've put together, with some things that were confusing and even scary (if not assembled correctly, the stand could come apart later on). I doubt I would have been able to assemble it myself. I didn't know it at the time, but the Sauder web site has Assembly Tips consisting of videos that illustrate and explain several aspects of the assembly. I think these would have been quite helpful. I'm very pleased with the result. It's a moderately priced piece of furniture with lots of room for a DVD player, VCR, controls, and anything else. We left the cardboard back off for easier access to the cables. The stand is about 19.5" deep, so the TV can be set well back from the front of it. The depth also allows the DVD player to be set back so that when it opens and the disc drawer pops out, it does not stick out past the front of the stand. The remote controls work through the glass door.The assembled stand will sway some if you push it hard (maybe this would not happen with expert assembly), but not enough to make me worry about keeping my TV on it.

Chapel Hill, NC


Sauder American Cherry TV Stand

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