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Sargento Potato Finishers

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Sargento Potato Finishers Dress up Good !!


No time to cook a fancy meal? What kind of meat, what kind of vegetable? What will the kids eat. Don't just want french fries again. Make a meal with baked potatos and add a nice salad. Use Sargento Potato and Salad finishers. I have used all. The potato finishers come in All American, Southwest, Chedder and Broccoli. The salad finishers are Classic Chef, Chedder Bacon and Blue Cheese with Candied Almonds. Maybe add a soup or a sandwich and 3 or 4 can enjoy!! I like to make burgers and potatos. Enjoy them and looks like I went to a lot of trouble making them. Thanks to Sargento for making my life convenient!!!


Ravenswood, WV


Absolutely the best


This is the best thing on the market. I add them to my mashed potatoes (after I mash them with butter and cream) like eating a twice baked potato. I've only used the cheese and bacon one. My family can't get enough of them, there's never any leftovers, which is too bad I like to make potato pancakes out of the leftovers, Try them you'll love it.


Prairie Village, KS


Terrific Potato Topper


One of my favorite foods is a baked potato and **Sargento Potato Finishers** make these spuds taste so much better.  As I wandered the store aisles I found this new product which had three varieties available: a cheddar and brocolli, an all american with bacon and chives, and au gratin.  I was disappointed that each came with bacon, but it is easy to not use that topping.   I grabbed the brocolli cheese version and it tasted amazing.  The product included a sweet cheddar sauce and brocolli crumbs that tasted delicious.  The cheese and brocolli tasted fresh and added a lot of flavor to the potato.  This tops two potatoes comfortably and gives them a great flavor.  Everyone will want to eat their veggies topped with these toppings.


Las Vegas, NV


Really wakes up a sleepy spud!


I saw the commercial for the salad finishers and thought I'd try to locate them at my store. When next I was in the store, I happened upon the section, and spotted the potato toppers..yum! I love baked potatoes and I disliked having to buy a large bag of shredded cheese for just 1 spud. This was great. It had 3 separate packets: a creamy white cheese with chives in it, shredded cheddar, and bacon bits. I brought it home and my husband and I made the potatoes. He loves bacon, so he snatched that one quickly. I divided the chesse with chives and cheddar on mine, covering my entire potato with the cheese...(because I'm a massive cheesaholic). It was great! The potatoes were the microwaveable variety and it really helped add to the fullness of the meal. The packets said they'd cover 2 to 4 potatoes, but both of ours were medium to large in size. I'd say it'd cover 4 small ones if stretched. Overall, great job Sargento! Very tasty cheese!


Beverly Hills, CA


Sargento Potato Finishers

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