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Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau de Parfum Spray

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Smells Bad


Received this for free and I must say I'm glad I didn't buy it. It smells like a old folks home. It doesn't smell soft or feminine. It smells like old people. I was expecting this to smell classic and chic being that this is from Jessica Parker but I was disappointed. Since this was manufactured by the company that makes White musk I figured this would be a nice soft light scent. WRONG. It just smells really stink and stale. Nothing I feminine about this. The packaging is nice but that is about it. I have asthma so I can only wear light fragrances or I will get an attack and this scent is asthma attack inducing. Maybe her other fragrances are better but this one just stunk bad. The display with her in a white dress makes you think it will smell like lilies and daisies in a field but all you get is the scent of stale rotten food wrapped in a urine soaked diaper. This is a miss on all levels.




Lovely is LOVELY!


I have been using Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely since it was introduced to the market. I like soft, floral scents that are not too over-powering and this is it. Lovely replaced another floral scent perfume I thought was getting too expensive to buy. I get asked "what are you wearing"? on a regular basis. Just last week, I was at a restaurant and while waiting at the bar to be seated, the woman next to me said, "What is the beautiful scent you are wearing? It smells beautiful." I was happy to tell her. I've asked my husband and close friends what they think of the smell and they love it, too. Believe me when I say, they would tell me the truth if they didn't like it! I use it every day! A little spritz goes a long way and smell great all day long. Not too strong - not too weak. The floral scent is natural and light. It's an affordable perfume, as well. I hope this perfume stays on the market for many years to come.




It really is Lovely!


This has become my favorite perfume - I get many compliments on it, most people say that it's light and pretty and not overpowering - good for an office or other small workplace. The scent doesn't last more than a few hours on my skin but does remain on my clothes and hair.


North Tonawanda, NY


Great scent . Really !!!


As I stated before I love perfume . Everyone that knows me has no problem finding me a gift . I guess it is becomming a running joke in my family. I get calls around the holiday from my family and it goes kinda like this " we know you want some sort of perfume for Christmas so just save us the trouble and tell us what kind you want" . I usually have a list of two or three perfumes I am wanting by November . I must admit the only reason I wanted Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau De Parfum Spray was because I love her show Sex and The City. I was really suprised by this one. This perfume is not just something a celebrity just slapped their name on. This scent smells so good I am sure some thought was put behind it. I think it is a real classy type of scent. I feel really classy when I wear it. I would not call this a light scent . I think it is a heavy scent but in a good not overpowering way. I think it smells like a vintage classic perfume . A little of this goes a long way.    


Dayton, OH


love this scent


I am a fan of sarah jessica parker, although it isn't why I intially tried this perfume.  What sold me on this perfume is the scent.  I have been using this perfume for a couple of years now and it is great.  The notes include, lavender, apple martini, bergamot, mandarin, orchid, patchouli, cedar, white amber and musk.  I would say its a warm scent, soft not too strong at all.  I am not of fan of strong perfumes as they tend to give me headaches or just bother me, lol, and this one is nice and light, if your a fan of stronger scents or hate to reapply, I would say this scent is not for you.  Again only for those who tend to go for light, romantic type  of scents.  I have also received a lot of complements on this scent, and often get asked what scent I'm wearing,m so you know it has gotta be pretty darn good!!! Although I know body chemistry affects the scent so if your  on the fence go try at your local department store.


La Puente, CA


Maybe not for me?


Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely was really a dissapointment to me!  I wanted to fall in love with it, becuase I know how much time and effort she personally puts into creating her signature fragrances.  And I adore Sarah Jessica Parker!  But Lovely just didn't do it for me. What I love: the bottle!  Pretty and also beautiful pakaging!  Lokks great sitting on my vanity, hahaha! a girl at work wears it, and she smells great! What I do not love: straight out of the bottle, its entirely too sweet.  Makes me gag, its that sickeningly sweet.  I actually work retail now near a perfume counter, and get an instant headache when someone sprays it. it has a window where I can tolerate the scent and then it just completely dissappears. Not sure what note of the scent do not work for me, but its terrible with my body chemistry.  I usually wear DKNY Be Delicious or Victorias Secret Dream Angels Heavenly.  They are apparently the opposite of Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely.  If you want it, go in and sample it first.  walk around for a while, maybe it will work for you.


Muskegon, MI




This may be the only fragrance designed by a celebrity that someone might actually enjoy the smell of. I am in no way bias as I wouldnt call myself a big fan or a fan at all of Sarah Jessica Parker but her fragrance Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau de Parfum Spray is just that lovely.This  fragrance is actually  a really  high quality parfum.The smell is just perfect to my nose .This fragrance is not so strong that it's going to enter the room before you do but not so light  and airy you cant smell it.This parfum is also does a fairly good job at lasting along time.I dont normaly like to wear perfume and the like but I was given this as a gift and I have been buying it for myself  every since I used the bottle I was given.i will admit this is one of the more expensive of the celebrity fragrances but I would tell anyone go out to the store and try a tester I think you will be suprise at how good it smells and maybe even buy a bottle.


West Union, OH


Who wouldn't want to smell as LOVELY as this perfume?


I admit that I am a big Sarah Jessica Parker fan, but this perfume can stand on its own merrits.  Lovely, by Sarah Jessica Parker, ia floral perfume that reminds me of roses and lavendar (two of my favorite scents!).  The bottle is very classy looking with a soft pink hue and a sophisticated cap and ribbon detail.  I feel like I am pampering myself every time I wear this perfume.  I like that this product is available at places I normally shop, so I don't have to visit a specialty perfume store or purchase this product exclusively online.  The fragrance really lasts all day, so no need for more than one spray.  I feel very feminine whenever I put this on and my husband likes to tell me that I smell "lovely" whenever I wear it.  My husband even purchased this perfume for me as a gift, so it is extra special to me.  The bottle looks nice enough to set out on display and will last a long time.


Saint Paul, MN


This perfume smells LOVELY when you apply the right amount


I really LOVE the scent of this perfume. It has a very soft type of floral scent. BuT the scent is very heavily concentrated, so I do the spray and walk-through with this one or else I smell too strong. I would describe the scent as pretty, but my man thinks it smells like old lady.... I really don't think it does, but I would say that it's not the type of scent a teenager would wear. It smells mature but NOT old! I would say that if you spray more than 1 spray of this directly onto your skin, it would be overwhelming for other people to smell. A LOT of product comes out in just one spray, which is why I don't spray it directly on myself. I let my sister borrow it once and she sprayed the bottle 3 times, and I could smell it throughout the house within 5 minutes. When it is sprayed that much, it does have sort of a musky smell. It also tends to smell a little musky if you've been sweating while wearing it.


San Antonio, TX


Lovely is simply that


I am extremely picky about the perfumes, body mists and sprays, deodorants, powders and lotions that I buy.  I cannot stand anything with an overwhelming smell.  In my opinion, if it doesn't smell clean and natural, as a woman should, then I want no part of it. My husband purchased a bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely Eau de Parfum Spray for my birthday.  I was scared as soon as I opened it because he knows how I feel about these things.  I am happy to announce that after nearly 11 years of marriage, my husband got it right!  I loved it!  "Lovely" is soft and clean.  It's not overwhelming.  They say that if you put on a perfume (or any frangrance for that matter) and cannot smell it on yourself, then you've chosen the right scent for your body.  This is very true.  It's has a beautiful, quiet scent that disappears as soon as I apply it.  I never smell it again and often forget I have it on, until someone mentions it.  I cannot tell you the number of times someone has mentioned how wonderful I smell.  It's nice to find something that fits your needs and doesn't break the bank.  It is surprisingly inexpensive, soft, a little flirty and very clean.


Orlando, FL


Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau de Parfum Spray

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