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SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

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i love my flash disk


noone better than that ts earn 4stars awsome!!!!




Extremely Convenient


The Cruzer Mini is a great flashdrive.  It is small and convenient, but holds a lot of information.  I tend to need certain files anywhere I go so having this small device with me allows me to use any computer.  It is a lot more convenient than having to carry a computer around with me all the time.  These devices are also great for storing pictures from my camera.  It allows me to empty out my cameras memory quickly.  These flashdrives are available in different memory sizes and all of them are very easy to use.  They are just plug and play.  They connect directly by USB port and a pop up occurs immediately on any computer for access to the different types of files.  You can even save things quickly from the flash drive to your computer.  I use a number of different flash drives, but this one I use for my important work documents.  It is very convenient, compact, easy, and helpful.  I don't know what I would do without it.


Haverford, PA


user friendly


I enjoy this mass storage device because it's compact, easy to use and the software that comes with it has many options.  I have several mass storage devices but I prefer this one because of it's ease of operation. I can keep it in my USP port all day, the light stays on to remind me it's still in the port.  I can organize what I store under the documents folder and there is a very informative tour and user information.


Geneseo, NY


A portable drive with plenty of room to Cruise...


***Bottom-Line:*** If you need a small, versatile, hi-speed, large capacity replacement for those pesky floppy, and ZIP drives, look no further then the Cruzer Mini 2.0GB USB drive.    It had become a habit for me to carry at least one *Lexar Media* USB Jump-Drive of some capacity with me at all times.  They came in handy in my line of work when I need to transfer files, load a new service pack, or other software on a computer I am working on for a client.  The Jump-Drive also comes in handy when I need to exchange files with friends and or collogues.  But I also need my personal files from my server throughout the day.  My first Jump-Drive was a *Lexar Media 64MB Jump-Drive,* but quickly outgrew it, and purchased a *Lexar Media 128MB Jump-Drive,*** **but I all too quickly out grew it purchased a *Lexar Media Jump-Drive Pro 512 MB USB 2.0 Storage Device, *but you guessed it, I outgrew it as well and replaced it with a **SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive.** **Then Along Came a Chip:** The **SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive** is small (about 3 inches long) high capacity silver and matt black USB Flash Drive with a storage capacity of 2.0GB.  On one end of the drive is a male USB connector; while on the other is large green LED that is steady on when the drive is plugged into the USB port and it idle; the LED blinks when the drive is sending f receiving information.  A clear plastic cap covers either end of the drive, and a small detachable lanyard can be attached near the LED, said lanyard being long enough to place around your neck, for easy access. There are no drivers to install, and the drive is compatible with both Windows XP and Mac OS X.  Though better suited for USB 2.0 high speed ports, the **SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0 **is backward compatible with USB Version 1.1. **My Viewpoints:** I love this drive!  Light and transparent, the **SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0 **fits easily into my breast pocket or one of the numerous side and or interior pockets in my laptop case.  But because the drive does not include a key chain hold or slot, I cannot carry it that way, which is just as well.  Unlike other drives I have had in the past the USB port cover fits snuggly on both ends; I have yet to loose one.    The **SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0 **is easy to use, and as I pointed out above, the drive is designed for the *Windows XP* and *Mac X *Operating Systems (OS).  Both OS's have the ability to automatically recognize new hardware via plug-n-play technologies.  There is no software to install.  **Note:** The *Windows 95* OS does not support USB, however later OEM versions of the OS will provide limited support for 1.0 USB devices, therefore this drive will not work with the **SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0**.  Once inserted into an available USB port, the **SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0 **is automatically set up as a removable drive, and as such is accessible just as any hard drive or a CD/ROM drive.  They can even be formatted as boot devices.  File transfers are quick and painless via the USB port, and I have experience no file corruption to date, nor do I expect any.  Be advised, that if you have a preponderance of mapped drives already on your computer, as I do, *Windows XP* may not assign your removable media the next open drive letter; this happen to me.  If you insert the **SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0 **and get the message that new hardware has been found and is now available for use, but the device is not assigned a drive letter, you must go to *Control Panel /Administrative Tools/ Computer Manager/ Disk Manager*, to manually assign the drive letter.   **Concluding Viewpoint** I couldn't ask for a better product then the **SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0**, or one of its brethren.  Small, lightweight and extremely utilitarian, the **SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0 **is my new** **my new best friend.  If you need a small, versatile, hi-speed, large capacity replacement for those pesky floppy, and ZIP drives, look no further then the **SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0.**


Aurora, IL


SanDisk Cruzer Mini 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

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